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Sharp DT-500 lamp & startup problems

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Hi all.

I have a Sharp DT-500 projector. I've had it for a while. Love the thing except for one issue I've been having.

The first time the bulb expired in it (a few years ago), I got a non-OEM replacement. It was around $250 (the OEM bulbs were around $400 at the time if I remember correctly). Anyway, after using the non-OEM bulb for a while, the projector started giving me problems when starting up. The green LAMP indicator LED would first come on solid, then it would flash. Then it would go solid again, then flash again. Sometimes it would do this several times before the lamp would come on. Other times, it would cycle through that routine a few times, then the LAMP indicator would go red and the projector would power down. After unplugging the projector and plugging it back in, it would usually come on (though again often after a few cycles of the flashing/solid green LED). And yet at even other times (though these were rare), it would come on right away.

I put up with that for several years thinking it was the price I was paying for getting a cheaper bulb. Well, now I'm not so sure. After that bulb finally went out (it actually exploded, which may or may not have been due to me using a humidifier in the room since I was sick), I went ahead and spent the $$ on a proper OEM bulb. At first I thought my issue was finally resolved, but after only a few uses, it returned. Sometimes the unit will power up and the lamp will come right on. Other times, it again cycles through the flashing/solid green LED phases before the lamp comes on. And again, occasionally it will cycle through that without the lamp coming on, and the projector will shut off with a red LAMP LED. And like before, if I unplug the projector to reset it, it usually turns on after that and a bit more of the green LED cycling.

Anyone know what might be causing this?

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Wow. No one has an answer for this? That surprises me on this forum!
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Okay, I'll take a stab. 3 possibilities

1. The replacement lamp you got was not really OEM.
2. The OEM lamp was defective
3. The generic lamp you saved money on damaged the ballast.
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I have a Z3000 slow start ups where the lamp doesn't light you pull the plug and maybe the next time it will start is an old or weak bulb. I put in a new lamp and my Z3000 starts in a flash everytime. Use electrified on amazon, Mine has full brightness according to my light meter.
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I'm hoping someone who's savvy with the inner workings of these projectors will know exactly what causes them to cycle through those modes like that. How much do projector ballasts run these days (ballpark for that type of projector)?

I sure friggin' paid an OEM price for this bulb. It came from Projector Lamp Source (use those words for the website domain as well). Anyone familiar with this company? They claim to have quality OEM bulbs.
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I've taken them apart and changed ballasts, colorwheels, video boards. Your problem is not the ballast it's the lamp. Like I said I have the same projector and fixed it with a new lamp that measures full brightness. Buy yourself a extech light meter they're cheap. Throw up a 100 IRE pattern and find out for sure what light level your lamp is giving off. It should be over 20ft candles it bright mode.
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I'm not sure if you got your question answered here since March, but Projector Lamp Source does not sell OEM lamps. I have several emails from them stating that very fact.
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