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Sigma Designs Looks to Revitalize 'Z-Wave' Wireless Automation Control

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Not too familiar with Z-Wave? Not too many are. This home automation and control technology has actually been around for a number of years. Z-wave acts like wireless internet in your household to control a number of things from lights, appliances, home security systems, and even home theater hardware. It converts IP protocol commands to it's own RF frequency to sends information to and from each device. One nice aspect of this technology is that unlike traditional WiFi, it's frequency range is below 1 gigahertz, typically around 900 Mhz and is designed to send small packets of information. This means, in the confines of a house, it should be more reliable and travel farther distances than what most WiFi routers are typically capable of. It also uses a less congested part of the RF spectrum and should allow for extra reliability because of it.

Sigma Desings looks to put this technology in the spotlight and has recently designed a new chipset, software suite and reference designs to replace older chipsets and software. Sigma Designs ensures backwards compatibility with legacy Z-wave devices. The new chipset can easily be put in older legacy devices by simply popping the old one out and popping this new one in. The new software will allow smartphones, tablets, computers and other CE devices to wirelessly control a wide array of devices. There are currently over 50 manufactures that manufacture devices that support z-wave control.

This is exciting news for businesses or people looking to either build a new home and/or those looking for a simple solution to automation for lighting and device control in a home theater they are either planning or currently constructing.

Check out the source for some more technical information about this technology and what Sigma Designs has in store for it's future.
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I agree. Z-wave is becoming more and more popular with so many alarm companies integrating lighting controls with their intrusion solutions. Now you can add some home automation using z-wave dimmer switches without paying the hefty price.
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Does it have a significant advantage over INSTEON? I hope not because I just bought over 50 INSTEON switches.
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