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LG® 47LM5850 47-in. Cinema 3D* 1080p LED.... WTF HELP!!!

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I just bought this T.V a few days ago and I can't figure out this whole 120hz business.

Apparently you can't really get 120hz. It won't say that the image is refreshing at 120hz, it will only say it will process at 60hz.
BULL! It says on the box that it's a 120hz 3d T.V... isn't this false advertising?

Anyways I bought this T.V for both my Bluray player (I have a PS3 and a 3D-ready Bluray player with the T.V itself) and so I can hook up my computer to it and play games at 120hz. I quickly learned through my P.C that it only goes up to 60hz. So I went on the internet and did some research and found out that HDMI cant transmit a 120hz signal.................. OK... so I bought the cord that was recommended, which is an HDMI to DVI cord........ still doesn't work. SO next I found out that my Blurays movies aren't even 'smooth' like they should be with a real 120hz (Trumotion?) T.V. I tried my Bluray player that came with the T.V, and I tried my PS3. The image still is not what it should be.
NEXT I tried messing around in my Settings menu and I couldn't really find any Advanced options that I was kind of hoping that would come with this T.V. Specifically having to do with 120hz/Trumotion. But there is none. I went to the store and found out the there IS an option for Trumotion (sounds to me like BSmotion) but on MY T.V, for some reason, I cant choose it... its 'greyed out'.

SO I DID MORE DIGGING. And through these forums I learned that LG basically messed up somehow and they are sending a 'firmware' update. I kept reading and it seemed like over a few months this update WORKED and everyones happy???

So... WTF. This T.V cant receive firmware updates (that I know of) so HOW THE HELL can I get this working?

I think I'm going to give this T.V back if I can't get A HERO from this forum to help. Well... I'll use it for the two weeks. THEN I'll bring it back and just use the Sony Bravia I've been using for 2 years. Seems to work almost as good as this one anyways.


Thanks in advance frown.gif
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Nobody out there can help me out? There was a huge post about something similar.
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Check the topic?
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This thread gives you the complete saga of the missing Trumotion feature on the lower tier 2012 LG models. I have the 55LM5850 and was initially upset that LG would get away with this false advertising. However, for what I paid for the TV I'm for the most part happy.

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