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I have intermittent audio sync problem when connected to Comcast box. When this problem occurs I change to another channel and back again and the audio syncs up. sometimes it gets so bad that I have to turn off the TV and cable box to sync everything back up. i've tried my digital out on the TV to my audio receiver that doesn't work. It seems to work if I go from my digital output on the cable box.
I have search online and I have found a lot of different solutions but I have gone through them all. I have the latest firmware. I have read threads that said that sharp will send you a thumb drive with the solution? Or that I have to change settings in the Comcast box? when I call sharp they said I may have to change my settings on the picture?

I love the picture on this TV and I always wanted one. The main purpose for me making this thread to find a recent solution. all the threads that I've read are years old so I hoping that a solution has been made.

Any help would greatly appreciated

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You might try posting in the section appropriate to your particular display. Use the model number in the title of your post. Someone familiar with firmware upgrades might be able to help.
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Thank you Sir I updated my post with the model #
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 i just found a thread on a review on amazon... that says i need to change the output of my set top box (comcast rng110)  to LPCM... I just needed to go into a special setup mode with a "hidden" set top box menu to change the audio output to LPCM.



who knows this may be a possible fix for other peoples random sync issues



I just changed it and will keep everyone updated if it happens again... i am getting it about once every 2 days.. well see what happens as i have made this change tonight for first time.



if you have a comcast rng110 hd box... in order to get it into "setup" mode... leave the tv on... then power off ONLY the cable box... then on comcast remote press and hold the "menu" button while the cable box is OFF... it will then turn on and you will see a blue menu on your tv... go to hdmi settings and change audio output to L-PCM... i have also disabled auto detect.



Hopefully you see this... if helps please reply sometime



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