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Hello I'm new to this forum but have been reading the post from page 1 to 49 the last few days. I pick up a Canon HF G10 on December 23 2012. I paid $1099 for it at Best Buy. I will say I'm still learning it and studying how to get the best shoots. I hope warm weather get to Indiana before long. I have been playing with video from the late 90's I had a Sony DV camcorder. Most of my video stuff for the last for the last 13 years have be form my motorcycle. I started out using a bullet cam going in to the Sony to store the video. Then in 2010 the GoPro HD came out and went to using it.

I pick the Canon HF G10 because I wanted to start doing more stuff with video. I also pick up a Canon DSLR t3 D1100 for stills. I know it's their low end DSLR but a good start for learn digital photography. I do like to shoot video from a tripod but I do walk around with it some. One thing I have maybe learn for reading the post is to trun off dynamic image stabilzation or I think. One thing I know to is my video is not going to look like hollywood unless everyshot id planned out and staged. I hope I will be able to maybe pick your brain some on some of the settings you all use but I hope to figer them out myself. Here is a link to my playing around over the last few years. Like I said learning to get better this year. A reitired auto worker.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.

Generally, we try not to put the same information in multiple posts. The reason is that it becomes confusing when replies are posted.

Your post here seems to be a duplicate of another.

And, could you try again with the link? It didn't work for me.


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