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I'll take my meals here....

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I have been a long time lurker and finally registered to the forum. But first I do want to say I appreciate everyone's builds and inputs, the information on here has been of great value to me for my build. My father in law and myself knocked out this build in about 6 weeks. I was pulling 30 hours of work in this room on the weekends. It was to the point my nieghbors and firends where asking if I left the theater today.
I am not sure if I would call this cheap, but I went the inexpensive route of my build. ( Equipment, sound proofing , ect...)

I guess to the details and the room.

Room Size : 19x16

7.2 Set up

Equipment :
AVR - Denon 4311ci
AMP - Emotiva XPA-3
BDP - Sony S769
Panaxmax M4300

Display :

Polk Rti A9's
Polk CSiA6
Polk F/XiA6 x 4
Polk DSWmicroPro2000 x2

Sound Treatments
21 ATacustic Panels. ( still trying to figure out where to put the bass traps)

Elite Screens 115" Cinema ( 2.35:1)

Sorry for the iphone pics. I need to break out my DSLR, but have been too busy with the finishing touches.

Well here is the build in a quick shoot.

RCL, and Subs arrive. ( that was fun opening double boxed packages)

AVR arrived

My Sitting room off my bed room was a perfect place for testing out the system. ( which my wife didn't approve of)

Projector Arrived at work, dang this thing is heavy

Took my son furniture shopping to find the best couch for the theater. I went back and forth on this layout for a week. Theater seating vs. lounge style. I think we found a winner. Ordered the ottoman in the matching fabric to make a big bed.
AMP showed up, yes I had to hook it up.

Sent my wife to look at carpets, I was out on this.
Yea, more sanding
Honey, pick whatever color you want. As long as it's grey and brown
I'm tired of looking at swatches let's paint
Couched showed up, my wife is pissed that my theater is taking over the dining room. ( even though I've eaten twice in there)
Started the primer ( killz )
First Coat of Paint... things are moving now.
My LED poster showed up!
Started on the molding...Damn how did I measure that short.

Gives you a better idea on the color. I also left the molding off the ceiling to put rope lighting in.
The LED rope lighting showed up, damn that's bright. I will need a dimmer switch for that!
Iron Man 3 poster showed up, I guess I will need to tape the poster up? It keeps coming down about 1/8th of inch leaving light shining through at the top

Started putting the frame together ( Elite Screen 115" 2:35.1)

Started on the faux 3 piece molding.

Finally received the black outlet for the ceiling

Acoustical Panels showed up. 467lbs.

Installed the rope lighting. Wow! That's all I can say.

My son asking " can we watch wreck it ralph"

Carpet went in, now the fun begins.

Now my back hurts after carrying that massive 144 inch couch

Installed some surrounds, leveled them out. Can't wait.

Started on wiring, and installing the front stage.
Got Wires?

Ran Audyssey to see if everything is working properly

Now on to the projector


Well, this isn't much fun, but almost completed.

No wrinkles, looking good.


I can't believe some of you made your own panels, Kudos' too you all. I am already tired from measuring and hanging these things.

Not sure what this means...but okay

Well, I need to break out the DSLR, but I hope that will be suffice for now.

Sorry if this thread was too quick. I was busy building.
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Sheesh! 1 post = 1 build, huh? Not bad for a first post. smile.gif

Welcome to the forums, though clearly you've found your way around without an introduction. Congratulations!
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I thought that's how it was supposed to be done!? biggrin.gif
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Yeah, he obviously has not done too much looking as he should know that a space like his should cover at LEAST a year maybe 18 months worth of posting and pictures and indecision. We did not even have a chance to tell him what to do or not do. The nerve of some people! biggrin.gif

Great space you have. Love the wall colors very nice and the wall panels look very slick. Well done, and welcome to the madness. You are obviously well on your way.


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I do have a question though; do I move my sectional up to make room for a bass trap in the back corner or just leave it alone. I'm sure my bass isn't at any crazy frequency but I thought I'd ask the gurus.

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I'm almost the least qualified here to answer the question, so maybe others will chime in but here goes. Bass will tend to "load up" in the corners, front, back, sides wherever there is a 90 degree angle. You could place them in the front corners if that would be better for your room vs. the rear corners not sure if there is an advantage over front to back or not. If my understanding is correct (and again if not someone please correct me) bass traps are used to help smooth out the frequency response of the bass frequencies, and all rooms are different and need different amounts of treatments. If you were to play a sweeping tone from say 15hz to say 120 hz (typical bass frequencies) and notice any part of the sweep that is noticeably louder than the rest of the sweep then you room is probably reinforcing that frequency(s). Now how to effectively treat that I will leave that to someone who knows far more than I.

Just remember the above advise is worth exactly what you paid for it.


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Wheres the build up, where's the drama!!?? Just bam, done. I feel hollow and empty now... wink.gif

Nice job I'm sure you and the family will have lots of good times
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Pulling the seating away from the rear wall is a good idea for a few reasons, including making room for a bass treatment in the corner. RTROSE is on the right track - the only trouble here is that treating one corner like that is probably going to have very little effect on anything below about 150Hz - if that. So, as part of an overall treatment strategy it may be very good, but don't expect it to cure any bass problems by itself.
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Originally Posted by design1stcode2nd View Post

Wheres the build up, where's the drama!!?? Just bam, done. I feel hollow and empty now... wink.gif

You sound like my wife. wink.gif lol

Thanks, it's been a blast.

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