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Hi All,

Just wanted to put out a good word for this item that I just installed. It's the Down and Out Swivel Mount from I have the dreaded "TV over the fireplace" nightmare in my living room and was searching for a solution. I have always liked the way a TV looks when mounted over a fireplace but obviously when it comes to actual viewing, looking up for long periods of time is not comfortable. So I searched and found this product on these forums. I think the name of the product tells the whole story- it literally moves down and away from the wall (with very little effort). My particular unit also swivels about 15 degrees left or right (really useful for me since my kitchen is to one side of the living room so we can actually see the TV from there as well is swiveled in that direction).

The product is super sturdy and well made- it handles my Panasonic ST50 with no problems. Installation was a bit tricky- you really have to plan the placement of the mount to maximize travel; this took a little while to understand but is documented in the manual.

Anyway, to wrap this up- if you are in a similar situation as mine, I highly recommend this product. There aren't many other solutions for over the fireplace mounting that are flexible enough to accomodate movement. Is it pricey? No doubt about it. But I would say it's worth it since it is so well built and works so well.