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HELP - Panasonic HC-V520 vs HC-V700

Poll Results: Which Panasonic camcorder model should I buy

Poll expired: Mar 22, 2013  
  • 100% (3)
    Panasonic HC-V700 (2012)
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    Panasonic HC-V520 (2013)
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Hi there,

I'm about to become a Dad and want a good quality future proof camcorder that can also take good still images.

My initial research has lead me towards the Panasonic models, but as they have just launched three models I am a bit lost. I have seen the new Panasonic HC-V520 for around £320 or alternatively the slightly older Panasonic HC-V700 for £300.

My natural instinct is to go for the newer model as it has a higher megapixel still camera and has Wifi. But I also believe that the V700 is a significant step up from the old V500, so I am unclear a year later which would be a better purchase old or new!

I am getting a bit lost when I try to compare the two, I have done various searches but have been unable to find a decent comparison of the two. Of course I have looked at the Panasonic comparison sheet, but would really value the opinion of some actual users who know their stuff and aren't just trying to sell me the more expensive model!


THANKS so much,
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Your natural instincts betray you. Megapixels in still cameras have ceased to have meaning many years ago. If you look at the actual sensor size, the 7xx has a larger one than the 5xx. reason would dictate it should produce images with higher pixel counts. But who says OEMs have to be reasonable.

I believe the main difference in these models is the sensor size. 7xx has a larger one. And also it looks like the 5xx series cannot take lens attachments or accessory attachments.

For your purpose today the 5xx will be suitable. However, for family events in say, a living room or kitchen, a wide angle lens is very much desired for me.

The new models have wifi which is probably not worth much unless you are trying to get yourself in the picture, or wearing your camera on your head as I do.
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The 700 has a larger sensor, resulting in better image quality and still images. The have the same 28mm wide angle lens.
I personally would go with the 700, if you can still get it. Because they are getting sparse, as they are getting replaced by the 720, which will be considerably more expensive. The 700 was one of the best camcorders of last year.
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I'm in the same boat deciding between the V520 and the V700. Lack of V700 availability might have made the decision for me. Looking back at some older posts it seem a number of folks were able to get the V700 for $399 from Newegg. Unfortunately the only stock they have left is open box for $439.
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