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Buying help please!

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Ive been reading non stop for a week and of course still don't know what to do.

Budget- $1000-1300
Size- 50-55"
Use- lots of sports(which usually means it will be kind of sunny in the room as most sports are daytime), and a few hours after they get off work each day(6pm-1030pm) watching various things from food network to HGTV, animal planet, news, etc.

I've considered LEDs for energy efficiency and bright room performance but I've always been a plasma guy. The pn51e6500 seems promising as I've read its energy efficiency is great for a plasma and its coating works well in brighter rooms. I've also of course read about ABL which scares me a little. I have a 3-4 year old panny gt20 that if it has ABL I've never noticed it but read its gotten worse with newer models. Would like to hear thoughts or suggestions please! Thanks!

Also how bad is buzzing on the Samsung 6500? I should mention this is for my parents and they are upgrading from a 35" Sony triton CRT and all CRTs buzz/hum slightly.
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Just saw the p50st50 is on amazon for $949. Seems like a great deal. Still would love to hear feedback as those 2 TVs seem the best choices near $1000
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either of thsoe sets would be good choices as long as they are being sold by a good retailer.....Rememebr since these are 2012 models the longer youw ait the more likely you will not be able to get one.......Generally Samsung does better with SD but the ST50 will most likely have more "pop" to it with deeper blacks......

as for buzzing some have it some dont...

The ST50 you may be prone to IR more easily, so that is something to think about as well......

Both are good sets and should suit the needs as long as there is not a ton of windows or direct light on them.....If this is a very bright room where you cant control sunlight\lighting then LCD may be the best choice for you.....
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Thanks for the feedback. IR is a slight concern. My Panasonic is noticeable but I've recommended Samsung's to friends that don't have any. Wish the 6500 was $949 on amazon haha
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