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List Your Gear to Win Some Gear Contest!!! - Page 5

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Here's my gear.
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Listed some stuff, but it's currently a WIP.
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Gear listed! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all!
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Not quite sure if I did it right. Thought I would be able to find my projector in your list system but no such luck. I might be an idiot for not seeing it somewhere. Will try and add some pictures/equipment when i'm not at work.
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The www.avsforum.com/products/add/details doesn't work for me:

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I could obviously stand to win some new gear as the search function only found one item. redface.gif
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Added Mine! Would be nice to win some gear. Good luck to all!!!
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OK I added my stuff
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I added my stuff awhile ago so I hope that's OK. Enjoying some tunes on my headphone rig as I type this! biggrin.gif
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I couldn't add my speakers manually to the database because it said I was not a member of a group allowed to edit AVS articles but that's alright. Suffice it to say I need new speakers! I hope I win!

Do yo want a link too? http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/6681
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Here is my list...
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I don't really get how we enter more than once? Is it just if you have 7 items in the list you are entered 7 times vs 4 items for 4 times?

Anyway I did it... and happened to have 7 items lol.

Fingers crossed for the Proj
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My equipment should now be shown below smile.gif
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Oh well - guess I'll try again... frown.gif
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I think I did this right, although I need to update some pictures.
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I'll play
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See my sig for gear !!
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not a true home theater but it gets me by, for now...
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did this work? If it did I still have more stuff to add but a lot of it is old and isn't listed so i need to try to find some info or pics for it
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For the few of you who've run into a permissions issue with manually entering products, the bug has been identified and should be fixed today.

Keep up the lists!
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Guess I should post something since I spent the time to make my list up. smile.gif Great idea--thanks for adding the option.
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Just getting started ordering for the theater, but here is what i have:

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Lists created.

Good luck everyone.
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Looks like I'm gonna actually have to get on my laptop since I'm unable to do this via the mobile version.
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count me in
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Here's my humble gear.
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