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List Your Gear to Win Some Gear Contest!!! - Page 7

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Just added my List as well....

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Listed under my stuff. Thanks
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My TV is almost 6 years old, that Epson 5020 would make an amazing replacement.
Good Luck Everyone!
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Added my last but not lest component ... SVS sb12 subwoofer
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I would love any 1 of those prizes
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Good luck everyone!
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I could use some new gear!!! Here's my list!!!

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Our list of current audio-video equipment in our Living Room is attached.
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Sadly, most of my items weren't found in your database. eek.gif So I added them manually. biggrin.gif Thank you for a chance to win some damn nice items! smile.gif
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Here's some of my stuff. You can see I could use some upgrades.smile.gif
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My home theater is coming along. Almost everything I have is because of this site somehow. I did a DIY Silverfire screen build and 2 DIY subwoofer builds both through the forums. I researched my projector, my HT receiver and amps all on here. Lately I've been trolling the Star Mural threads and that's looking like my next big addition. Never would of thought any of this stuff without the help of the helpful folks in these forums.
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Chalk me up to another who has added it.
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Count me in!
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Will post my list when i get a chance.
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Grabbing a chance to win, here is my list:
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Done and done ...... viva la AVSforum!

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Awesome contest, good luck to everyone!
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Posting my very humble home theater setup.
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Here is my HT setup. Thanks for having the contest.
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Setup in signature. Hope I win. My dad needs a new set of speakers.
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Here is mine. Wish me luck!
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Here is my list! Good luck everyone!
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Fantastic contest!
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Give me my free gear!
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I'm in need new toys thanks.
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Yet another prayer to the audio gods...
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I added mine to my signature as well. I haven't added any photo's yet. I will do that on my days off!
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How do I delete a list?
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Would love to upgrade to 3d and 3lcd so I don't see the rainbow affect.
A new set of speakers wouldn't hurt either.
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