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List Your Gear to Win Some Gear Contest!!! - Page 13

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Added mine to my list on my profile.

over 10+ years old but still working like day 1 smile.gif

Sony VCR/DVD Recorder RDR-VXD655

Mitsubishi Projection TV WS-55908
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Just created my list, my system could really use that projector or the Oppo.
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added another piece to my gear list.
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Count me in smile.gif
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That Oppo would be a nice upgrade. wink.gif
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Winning would be really cool.
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I agree. The Oppo would be a great new addition.
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I had to add my Roku 3 manually!
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Here's my entry....
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Sure why not? smile.gif
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My list. Still getting equipment together...
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just checking to see if it's working
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do i need to make a comment every time i add gear?
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Because i will lol
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Added Mine!

I could really use the Oppo since my PS3 sounds like a jet engine and doesn't always eject the discs anymroe!
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Going through some of you guys gear and wow!
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Just added my first home theater starter piece. The Tv.
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It would be super cool to win! cool.gifbiggrin.gif

Link to list per instructions: http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/12753
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Here's my stuff. Could really use an update to the old 60' Sony I have. Thanks.
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Mortal Combat on Sega Genesis is the best video game ever.
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This is turning out to be quite the popular thread.

Best of luck to everyone smile.gif
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Free stuff is awesome smile.gif Good luck people, and may the luckiest people here win. I'll be happy for you.. really!
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Here is my list.
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Here's my stuff...I think. I've never posted a list before, so I'm hoping this works.

The only stuff I didn't post were my more ancillary items, such as my surround speakers (JVC and BIC) and some components that hook up to the Onkyo (an HD Radio tuner and iPod dock). My list is of the more central components of my setup.

@ace1970: Thanks, I was just working on it. I know how to edit the list now. The stuff should show up this time, or at least the link to all of it should.
Edited by LineWalker - 3/26/13 at 12:58pm
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Your sig still hows 0 items but you at least got the first part right. You just need to add your items to the list
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My gear. http://www.avsforum.com/lists/display/view/id/12913
Edited by syphon - 3/27/13 at 9:45am
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My small list. Hopefully I can add to it from this contest. Looking to upgrade this summer.
Edited by bd63141 - 3/26/13 at 3:01pm
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Here's my list. Still need to get some decent surround speakers.
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listed my VERY lame setup
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