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I think I did it Correctly.. Good Luck Everybody..
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Here is my little gaming room, I'm happy with it except for the sub (soon to be replaced).

Good luck all! cool.gif
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What a difference from before when we were told not to put our equipment in our signatures biggrin.gif

I'd love to win though! Any which way I could use it all!
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Great idea for a contest. It actually got me to finally list all my equipment.
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List is created. Been meaning to do this for a while.
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just a few old things...
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Awesome! Check out my list of projectors I've owned on top of the gear I'm currently using!
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Hope you are all well.

Set up my gear list. Would love to win something.


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Put my humble stuff onto my signature. Best of luck to all.

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Good luck all!
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Commence 7-time entry!
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here is a link to my list
but I have to confess I don't know how to change the title of the link itself


more basic computer stuff I never bothered to learn.
good luck everybody ;-)
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guess that link wasn't necessary after all
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Done! Now let's see if I win something biggrin.gif.
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Funny, I was just thinking how I should add my gear to my sig so people would know what I already have when I'm asking for advice and here's this contest to entice me to do it and show me how! (I thought I'd just have to type each item into a signature.)

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toshiba 55wl 800a 3d led
belkin pf 60 pure av conditioner
sony bdps-5000es blu-ray player

sony bdps-790 blu-ray player

oppo bpd-105au blu-ray player

sony cdp-xa5es cd player

yamaha t-d 500 dab plus digital tuner

yamaha rx--a3020 av amplifier

yamaha yst-sw 1500 sub woofer

yamaha ns-c7hx centre speaker

yamaha ns-8hx main speakers

b&w cvm 800 ceiling rear speakers

b&w cvm cinema rear centre ceiling speaker

topfield trf-2460 1tb hd pvr
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How are some of you getting photos to show up next to your equipment?
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Here we go...
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List created...

Now, I wait! smile.gif
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cool prizes. never won anything in my life but created my list anyway.
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Originally Posted by Torqdog View Post

How are some of you getting photos to show up next to your equipment?
When you type your gear into the search box and select it, it will also add a photo from their database. You also have the option of uploading or linking your own regardless of searching or doing manual input.
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I've been really close a couple times over the years but never won, would be nice to take home the gold, or silver or bronze (heck even the pewter would be awesome). biggrin.gif

Best of luck to everyone!

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Mmm...Oppo BD Player. Those are nice.

Note to self: Stop drooling and get back to my ActRaiser session... smile.gif
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There. That's done!
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Added my three items! (just starting my HT...)

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Soooo.... I've had my list since July of last year...

On top of that, I added most of the items myself given the majority of them (at the time) were not in the AVS database. Cookie please.

I attempted to update my list (add new items) back in December IIRC and you guys took away the "create item" functionality at that point in time.
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I would love to win!
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Ok, here we go! Hopefully!
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Jeez, the gift card or the Oppo would be great! eek.gif
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