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List Your Gear to Win Some Gear Contest!!! - Page 22

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Here's my list.
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My stuff below
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Got my gear listed, but I'd like to list my NAS since it's used to stream my audio/video to my PS3. Guess I'll add it manually. smile.gif

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Been working on my Theater a long time.Hope I win.
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See my sig below! Crosses fingers.
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I've created my list and it's in my signature. I added the Mitsubishi HC6800 projector to the database in the process. smile.gif
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First time poster, long time watcher.

Here is a list of my gear I had installed late last year

JVC x 30 projector
Denon AVR 4311
Sanus Bracket to suite JVC
JL FL 110 sub woofer
Middle Atlantic ASR 42 92 cm Rack with swivel
Oppo BDP 93 DVD player
Pro Control Remote
Xantech IR pass through kit
Polk Rti A7 L+R
Polk FXi A4 dipole rear
Polk Csi A6Centre Speaker
Grand view 110”

Thecus N7700 PRO NAS with 14TB storage to stream movies,3d and tv shows
Media PC running XBMC, which is fantastic
HP N40L Micro Server, running Win7, used to download everything with Vuze
Popcorn Machine
Wine Fridge (mostly beers in it though)

Electric Leather Recliners, omg so comfortable...

The room is quite small, but the visual and audio are fantastic.

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Lots of old gear, but still working.
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Here's my list!
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My current home theater setup
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My home thater
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My home theater is functional but under construction.

Here's The Big Trail- a very good movie, John Wayne's first I believe and the first wide screen movie. The story of its filming is incredible!

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Hope I win.
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Very cool, list in sig wink.gif

I need new stuff!
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I've split my lists up: one for current gear, one for past items.
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Here is a list of some my new stuff and some really old stuff...LOL smile.gif

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I believe I'm somewhat of an oddball... only half of my gear was already in the expansive AVS database. I added the projector to the DB, but I haven't added my Blu-Ray or my TV Receiver box. The list had my screen, receiver, and Roku.... and I'm not sure the Roku I picked is really the one I have, but it's close enough.
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Hope I win!
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Denon AVR-1116 receiver 
Samsung 50" plasma
Samsung blue ray DVD
PS 3 
PS 2
Dish Network network satellite receiver
Ascend Acustics Sirria 1 monitor speaker left/right & center
Ascend Acustics  170 bookshelf speakers, left/right surrounds. And left /right rears
HSU 10 inch Sub

4 ea AR-57 speakers
2 ea infinaty sp
2 ea Bose 201 spe
1 10" kenwood Sub/w
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Would be nice to make the leap to 1080p ! eek.gif
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Got my rabbit's foot, four leaf clover, horseshoe, and lucky underwear on. I got a good feeling about this.
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I listed my gear
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Listed my gear - I guess my reputation as a "budget audiophile" - nothing I have is made anymore - is intact. The only piece of my theater gear that's even in the database is my recently-discontinued Oppo BDP-93!
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Hopefully this post includes my list! Thanks AVS for the contest!
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Im in good luck everyone
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Awesome contest and hope I win something! Eventually I want to get a 3D TV and a better A/V Receiver, that will come with time.
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Love to enter and upgrade my 3010 to a 5020 smile.gif

We run
Epson 3010
B&W Center
M&K S125 R&L
B&W side channels
Triad Rear channels
Klipsch Reference RW-12d
M&k 10" sub
Onkyo 7.2 THX Receiver

I would love to have a higher end 5020 and then I can pay it forward and give away my 3010.
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Must be fate that i happened to check my email today. I'm in the process of finishing my dedicated home theater room and two of my missing three pieces of gear are on here as part of a giveaway. Say whaaaat? The Epson 5020, the Oppo BDP-103 and all thats left is the Panamax 5300.
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