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How can you tell if Ultraviolet code is in HD or SD

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Is there any possible way to find out if a UV code is in HD or standard def? I don't use them and want to start selling.

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They don't tell you. In the beginning, it was SD...but now, if it's included on an HD purchase, they all seem to be HD. At least that's the case with all of the ones I've gotten. Of course, I've never used them but I do check them once applied to see..
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It depends on what studio released the movie and from what format(Blu-ray or DVD) the UV code came from. Universal frequently only gives out an SD version for their UV codes, even if the code came from a Blu-ray package. The others studios largely only give out HD digital copies for UV codes from a Blu-ray package. For anyone wanting to dump their UV codes, I will accept them.smile.gif
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Really? I can't think of a single UV code I've got from Universal that is SD, all of them have been HD with BD releases. The only studio that I notice that gives out SD codes is Warner, and even they are hit or miss. Disney still gives out SD digital copies for iTunes for all their movies, which is annoying as crap.
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You must not be purchasing any of Universal's catalog titles or their new releases from last year. I am only referring to UV redemption on Amazon, Vudu or Flixster. I don't really use iTunes, so my knowledge is very limited for that service provider. I do believe that Universal has partially started changing their ways on this, the latest UV codes from Universal found at Walmart do redeem in HD.
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I've been redeeming UV from the beginning including the majority of Universals day and date titles. Most are HD in my library. Early on I used Flixster but I typically use VUDU for my redemptions now.
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When you're talking about UV code redemption on VUDU I think it's important to note that the movies are HDX not HD. You'll get HD elsewhere which are lower quality IMO. I know most people here are using HD as a catch-all for high definition versus SD.
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Universal did start getting better about the practice, but almost all of their codes before a certain date were redeeming in SD only on Vudu:

8 Mile
Your Highness
the list goes on and on...

Basically any UV code from a Blu-ray release before the latter half of 2012, only redeemed in SD.
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