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current hd cable box with vga output

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i have recently ended up with a very nice princeton AR2.7T tv/monitor. the set does do hdtv and it says hdtv ready on the front. i read in the manuals i received with the set that it is able to do up to 1080i but it said in the manual that if the if your hd receiver has a vga connector it can be used to input an AR2.7T. the manual never states anything bout the cable tuner being able to accept the hd portion. i wonder what hd cable tuners i could use with comcast or what comcast boxes i could use that they still issue that either has vga or would be compatable with the tv
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Is this the monitor?;

It might not be that nice. Is this is a 4x3 monitor? Can't tell by the pic, but the specs seem to indicate it is by the resolution stated.
Other than a VGA input, what other inputs does it have?
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it has vga, s-video, composit and coax and yes thats the correct model. the vga also does the component side as well cause the way they made it was with the vga port being vga and component
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If you could get the component to work, for the price point try a iView-3500STB for $45 with a DVR option. wink.gif
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the way it does component is through the vga cable somehow. i wasnt loking to convert analog i wanted to find a cable box that would work with the vga port and actually have vga. i have read that lots of people had issues with component to vga cables cause they arent really a converter cable just a pass through or whatever you call it. also the tv/monitor auto detects the hd resolution and converts it for u so if the signal being broadcast is 720p it will convert or change to that mode if its 1080i it will change to that mode. most of the current comcast boxes are hdmi, component or coax. the manual states it does hd but only on the vga port it looks like so thats why i wanted to find a cable box that supports the vga feature and works with the hdtv that comcast provides. the other reasion i want to use the hd cable is cause where i live we dont get any good over the air digital reception really at all unless you have the antenna in just the right posision and then u get 3 channels nothing more. i happen to live in a second floor apartment style condo so roof top antennas are out of the question totally. we have comcast cable and have had it since it was viacom back in 1994 and have gone through 3 or 4 name changes. so what cable boxes would work with comcast cable that have vga connectors to them still cause most of what i find dont as i mentioned.
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Princeton TV/Monitor specs sez it has "RGB" inputs, although they didn't provide specific info re which resolutions and Horiz/Vert. Frame Rates are supported on THAT specific interface. Can you tell us if RGB works when connected to a DVD (or Blu-Ray or whatever) device when set for 480p or 720p or 1080i output format? Can you also tell us if the Princeton uses the usual 3xRCA Plugs...or if the "RGB" interface is provided via a 15-pin VGA type connector (aka HD-15)....in ADDITION to a 15-pin connector presumably labeled "VGA".

Some older equipment provided an old-timey HI-DEF "RGB" (actually RGB/HV) interface via HD-15 (now called VGA) connector, which split out the Horiz & Vert Sync signals on separate pins:

Modern RGB (Red/Green/Blue) interfaces (aka Component Video aka YPbPr or YPrPb) use SYNC-ON-GREEN technique so separate H & V wires are NOT required. Some (very few) professional monitors have a HD-15 interface which will work with either method....in which case a simple HD-15 to RGB cable MIGHT work (or HD-15 to RGBHV cable and ignore H & V plugs)..presuming it supports the DTV Horiz. & Vert. Frame Rates on THAT interface:

To try the VGA interface or the identical HD-15 (RGB/HV) interface, most older equipment will require a COMPONENT VIDEO TO VGA CONVERTER Box, such as:

Be advised that Princeton specs says it will support 720p and 1080i, but didn't say WHICH interface(s) support this format. It is possible (perhaps even likely) that the Princeton ONLY supports this via RGB Interface and the VGA (for Computer) Interface ONLY supports "1024 x 768 (XGA) maximum addressable resolution, 800 x 600 recommended resolution". So whether trying to display 720p (1280x720) or 1080i (1920x1080), the signal resolution is downconverted in the monitor to the NATIVE resolution, which appears to be only 800x600 (old 4:3, rather than new 16:9 widescreen format).

Princeton Monitor is actually a TV....and old, Analog only TV which is now useless On-The-Air unless you add a HDTV OTA STB:

When attached to CATV, it will ONLY receive the low-rez Analog signals....if any still exist on your cable system, since the "Extended" Analog Tier is being transitioned to ALL-DIGITAL, which may reduce the Analog channel count from the 70's down to the 20's (Local, Gov't + Shopping) and perhaps down to ZERO in a few Cable systems now.....and even more to come in the near future. So eventually, you'll need either a Cable STB or the lower-cost "DTA" (Digital Terminal Adapter)....for more info contact your Cable System Customer Rep. Note that a "Clear QAM" tuner, such as built into some HDTV OTA STB's, will ONLY decode the unencrypted Locals, Gov't & Shopping channels.
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the ports that are on the unit are vga out, rca out, rca in, s-video, 2 vga inputs and coax. the original manual which i have says it will do up to 1080i from the vga port. the manual also stated that connection for the hdtv tuner is done through the vga port and never says anything bout the tuner thats on it or any other ports for connecting up an hd tuner. thats why i thought i would ask and see
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I am not aware of an cable box/tuner that has a VGA output. Best to look at a component to VGA transcoder:
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Modern RGB (Red/Green/Blue) interfaces (aka Component Video aka YPbPr or YPrPb) use SYNC-ON-GREEN technique so separate H & V wires are NOT required.

Component interfaces do not use RGB (despite the colours of the connectors), there is no 'green' signal. Composite sync is added to the Y (luminance) channel.
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Good point, the old RGB interface (usually 3xBNC connectors) is truly Red, Green and Blue colors with either separate H & V sync lines (i.e. HD-15/VGA connector) and/or Sync-On-Green, whereas modern Component Video still uses the RED/GREEN/BLUE colors on the RCA connectors, but is actually Luminance (Y), B-Y and R-Y, hence the alternative name "YPbPr". COMPONENT VIDEO TO VGA CONVERTER Box performs the requisite color remapping. [Although a few old Monitors selectively support RGB and YPbPr color mappings.]:

FYI: I found downloadable PC drivers for Princeton AR2.7 and AR2.7AV Monitors, which begs the question as to WHAT does your AR2.7T support:
ONLY Resolution, Vertical & Horizontal frame rates are as follows, so I would conclude VGA I/F MIGHT NOT support 720p or 1080i on the VGA I/F and you may have to use one of the two so-called "RGB" interfaces...which makes sense if you are connecting devices other than a PC to the Monitor:



Fol. review explains that it comes with VGA and two HD-15 (RGB/HV) interfaces, so the aforementioned Converter Box should get the job done:

And also provided a LINK to Princeton Graphics that I was having a hard time Googling:
But it looks like a Web-Squatter has taken over that sitename.....
So, I've come up empty trying to find a proper MANUAL....so I may not be seeing all of the pertinent info.....
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In your manual, check to see if there is a choice of settings for the RGB/VGA input. The choice would be RGB/computer or component. If you have this, you can use any tuner with component video outs that has a QAM decoder for cable digital channels. A simple VGA to 3 RCA adapter cable would be used. Doing a little rereading, it looks like you already know this. Maybe you are thinking that VGA is digital, but it is RGB analogue. And component is a legitimate carrier for HD signals. But if the VGA input is not switchable to be used with component, it won't display correctly using an adapter cable.
My old Samsung SIR-T450 actually has a VGA out on the std HD-15 connector, along with a digital out on its DVI-D connector. I don't know of any other tuners with this, and certainly not new ones. There is not much market for stand alone tuners.
The above mentioned component to VGA converters would work if you can't get component to display on the VGA input.
This AR2.7 is a 4:3 aspect monitor. So all HD programs are letterboxed, according to one of the above links. You will probably end up with permanent letterbox burn marks on the CRT if you watch much HD.
A tuner with QAM decoder will display unscrambled digital channels, if there still are any in your area on Comcast.
LCD HDTVs are pretty cheap for 26" and have the QAM decoder for hooking straight to your cable outlet.
The link above that had info on your monitor says it has an NTSC tuner, which only picks up analogue channels. Also, HDTV-ready usually means it can accept HD signals, but does not have a digital tuner.
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