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I just dove into home theater a year or two ago and bought my first receiver: an Onkyo TX-NR609. I have my old nintendo, a pc, and my cable box hooked up to it (no blu-ray yet), and a 5.1 speaker setup and for the most part everything works well.

I have a few problems:
- the Onkyo draws way too much power during idle (something around 30W if I recall)
- no snazy Apple Airplay stuff
- zone 2 doesn't do quite what I thought it would, which is let me control volume to a second set of speakers in a different room. The Onkyo zone 2 needs its own analog signal and it kind of seems worthless to me. I'd really like the option of turning on/off and controlling volume of two different zones independently.
- I have an idea for a second screen in my living room. I think I can achieve what I want with an hdmi splitter but a second hdmi out on the receiver might be better. I might actually put a third screen in my kitchen!
- I find the DLNA to be a bit clumsy

These things aren't enough to make me replace the receiver, but I want an a/v setup in my basement so I'm looking at a second receiver anyways. My only hangup there is that I'll want good zone 2 control in my basement and moving the Onkyo down there will leave me wanting more....

I'm looking at the YAMAHA RX-V773WABL simply because it's on sale at newegg right now. It seems it might give me a lot more play with zone 2 and the second hdmi out.

What else should I be looking at?