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I am looking for a good screen material match for my JVC RS40. I have a dedicated HT room that is completely light controlled. I am looking at a 120" fixed screen with a throw distance of just under 20'. My family does like 3d and we do use it on occasion. I would really like something that is effective with 3d and 2d. The lumens of the JVC are not tremendously high - so looking for something with some higher gain, but also decent for off-axis viewing. The Da-lite High Power 2.4 gain has received some good reviews and is tempting, but not sure if it is "too much" gain. I am also using the Xpand 104 glasses, so I need a screen that does not retain polarity. Any other recommendations for screens, perhaps in the 1.3 to 1.5 gain range? Or is the Da-lite High Power perhaps a perfect match for the JVC RS40?
Thanks for any recommendations.