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which is a better surround speaker the energy veritas vs surround or the martin logan fx surround speaker.
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I wouldn't know, but one thing that I can point out is that the V-S spreads only its midrange output (not treble) onto the walls to the sides of the speaker (in addition to bass, which tends to be omnidirectional anyway), while the FX does this only with its treble output. I'm not sure which radiation pattern would be better for surround use, but I will say that I prefer monopoles (regular direct-radiating speakers) for use as surrounds to either of these configurations (not that you asked).

Oh, and the V-S seems to have much better bass capability, so you should be able to cross it over to the subwoofer at 80 Hz, while the FX may have to be crossed over as high as 100 Hz. I wouldn't necessarily choose one over the other for this reason alone, as 100 Hz usually isn't that much of a compromise, and these are surrounds, but in my view it is a valid factor to consider.
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I have the Veritas VS Surround and really like them for what I paid. I paid $400 for the pair when they were readily available. Unless you are buying used for around that price or less, I would consider looking into other speakers as well.
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