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Ever since Peter Jackson talked up laser projection last year I've been optimistic about it. This could save 3D from slumping sales.
Next week, projector maker Christie’s laser technology will be used to screen Paramount’s March 28 release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation at AMC Theatre’s Burbank 16 ETX theater. This is believed to be the first time laser projection has been made available for paying audiences.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation will play in 3D at brightness levels of 14 foot lamberts (ft-L) -- along the lines of what is used for 2D -- on a 65-foot-wide screen. It is estimated that typical 3D brightness levels only reach 3-4 ft-L.
A number of vendors are recommending developing laser-illuminated projection technology to make the screens brighter. Proponents say laser light offers additional advantages, including lower operating costs, reduced power consumption compared to the xenon lamps currently in use, and increased system lifespans.
The technology test at AMC will last for two weeks. "We are delighted to work with Christie to host this technical demonstration that could equate to a major advancement in movie-illumination levels," said Dan Huerta, AMC's vp of digital systems.