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HK AVR330 for 2-channel Home Office Setup

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I have an older HK AVR 330 7.1 receiver that I have brought out of retirement to build a new 2-channel system for my home office. I am going to run it with a new pair of Focal 806v bookshelf speakers that I just ordered from my local dealer. My main source (only source to start) will be an Apple TV (latest gen), via Toslink, which I will use for airplay streaming with MOG music service. I will control it via my iphone & ipad. I am going for convenience so no SACD player or phono even though I know it would add to the overall sound quality. I also have an LED monitor with HDMI port that I can use to view the Apple TV for software updates, etc. I use the monitor (supports HDCP) to connect to my work laptop.

I am wondering if I were to replace the HK AVR330 with something like a Peachtree Decco65 or an Outlaw RR2150 with Peachtree iDac if that would be a big improvement in sound quality over the HK AVR330? The HK is rated I believe at 65 Watts per channel for 2 channel-8ohms.

My room isn't very big. Only 132 Square ft (12x11) with 8 foot ceilings. So I may not need anything more powerful to drive the Focals. Plus they have a high sensitivity so they are easy to drive. (Nominal impedance of 8 ohms with a sensitivity of 90dB)

The Peachtree or Outlaw would also give me the flexibility to use the USB input to connect to my laptop which then I could play lossless files via iTunes.

I guess I'll have to wait until I hook the new speakers up to see how it all sounds. I decided to first purchase speakers I like (as much as my wife would let me spend) before spending any money on a new amp.

Anyway just wanted to get your thoughts on how much of any improvement it would be to get a quality integrated amp (Peachtree, Outlaw, or NAD) with internal or external DAC. Maybe with my source being an Apple TV it wouldn't make much of a difference, but if I get a Peachtree or Outlaw I can jack in to my laptop via USB which would probably be an improvement over the DAC in the HK AVR330.

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Just try it when it comes and see how it sounds. I suspect the old HK will be just fine.
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The AVR 330 is a very good unit; I suspect you will find it perfectly adequate for all of your needs in that setup, and it certainly has way more power than you need.

It is kind of huge for an office, but if that is not an issue it should be perfect.

If you want to invest in a better-sounding integrated amplifier, I do have a Musical Fidelity M3i that I will be listing in the classifieds soon for $950. It is like new and cost $1500.

It is an excellent amplifier, but I am selling a house and have surplus gear now.
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Agreed the AVR330 is a big unit for an office setup. I ordered a Stereo Cabinet to conceal it along with my Apple TV and any future components.

The Music Fidelity M3i looks like a very nice amp. Rated to really drive inefficient speakers. I have to hold off on an amp right now since I just purchased my new speakers, cabinet, Apple TV, etc, but thanks for the offer.
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