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Dirty Dealing 3D

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Hi guys,

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Blewitt and I am an independent filmmaker. I am a huge fan and supporter of 3D and thats why my most recent project was a blast to work on. My most recent film which I Produced and Assistant Directed is titled, Dirty Dealing. We shot it in 3D and while it presented tons of challenges and hurdles...it was well worth it. The film stars Michael Madsen and C Thomas Howell and several other familiar faces.

Reason I am coming here is we need your help. The plan is to have this in a limited run theatrical release in several cities in the US before bringing it to the American Film Market this fall. Problem is that in order to project the film in large 3D format we need to generate something called a DCP. That is costly. This is why we started a Kickstarter campaign hoping to get the finishing funds we need to make this come to the big screen before it heads to Blu-Ray. I figure with all the lurking I have done here for years...I saw tons of passionate people looking for more 3D content. Well, we are hoping we can count on your support here. If this is successful, it opens up several more projects for us that are currently sitting in the pipeline. All 3D. All (hopefully) awesome. Lol.

So if you would be so kind as to take a few minutes. Check it out in the link below. Contribute and spread the word. We would be eternally grateful. There are some cool rewards as well so be sure to take your time checking it all out. Thanks so much,

Chris Blewitt
Producer - Robin Hood Films

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c'mon folks...could really use your help!!!
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Why didn't you include at least one short preview of the work in 3D? Looks like a good entertaining film for 3D BD distribution. Not sure if the story has what it takes to be a huge box office hit, however. But I'm hardly an expert in that area. But I did enjoy the previews of the story.

If you wanted to get this crowd excited, having a preview in 3D to show off that aspect of the film would have been a good start. Once your editor renders a "side by side Half" version of one of your previews, simply uploading to You Tube and turn on the "already 3D" switch in their settings and then the viewers can easily view in any of the You Tube's 3D formats. Doing a rendering, assuming it was shot and edited with 3D capabilities as you claim should be just a matter of another render with 3D selected in the software. If your editors don't understand how to work to create the 3D for YT, many in this group have lots of experience and would be more than happy to help. That's what we do. We help each other enjoy 3D.
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I assume the filmmakers shot in native 3D. But based on the preview clips, they've neglected to shoot with 3D in mind. The sets are bare, and the compositions come right out of a TV production handbook.

For a good drama in 3D, see Great Gatsby:

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