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Does the RX-V673 have Analog Bypass ?

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Hi, I want to know if I am using analog inputs, that the rxv-673 will bypass any digital circuits and keep the signal 100 % analog to the speakers. I don't want any extra analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions.
If I avoid any DSP processing and bass/treble management will this work ?
Do I have to also use the Pure Direct option ? But this turns off the Subwoofer.
is it possible to have analog bypass and still get 2.1 output ?
Any help here would be appreciated.

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With most receivers, it is not even possible to do any digital processing with the multichannel analog inputs. That would require an analog to digital conversion on those inputs, which is a very rare feature usually only found on very high priced processors. The manual should explain that. If such a feature is available, there will likely be a setting controlling whether or not to digitize.

Most receivers simply act as amps with MCH analog input. No need to worry about any of the settings because they are not used. That means, of course, that any bass management and distance adjustments must be done on the source device prior to the digital analog conversion.
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If you use a DSP mode like "Cellar Club" this is going to upmix a stereo analog source into 5.1, and in order to do that, doesn't it have to covert the analog signal back to digital. Then of course it will do another digital to Analog conversion for the speakers. I'm trying to avoid extra unnecessary conversions. I did read the manual but its not very clear on analog bypass. And as far as I can tell the Pure Direct minimizes Digital circuits for the cleanest most direct path. But does that also mean the same for analog.
If I avoid DSP modes and Bass management, does that ensure analog bypass or not ? Also do I have use the Pure Direct switch or not ?
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Pure Direct is the closest you can get but whether the analogue input can be channelled TOTALLY SEPARATE from the digital circuit is hard to tell without looking at the schematics (wiring diagram). You can try asking Yamaha support but there's no guarantee of the correct answer either.wink.gif

The only physically sure way is to use a separate 2CH integrated amp for your 2CH analogue inputs.

Having said all that nowadays most AD conversion is not a problem to make a big issue out of it.
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NicC4ge - Sorry, I misunderstood your situation. Thought you were asking about MCH, not the regular stereo inputs.
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the 673 doesn't have MCH analog inputs anyway....
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I did try Yamaha support. But you don't know if the person answering actually has any product knowledge or bothered to get actual details from someone who knows. Anyways, their generic answer was " the analog inputs automatically bypass the receiver's DAC if you don't use any of the DSP modes". Pure DIrect was not explained as to whether it applied to Analog bypass also.
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What is your source that you insist on having analogue bypass?

You could try again and ask to speak with a technical staff or ask for a schematics.

Well, can you hear any difference with or without the Pure Direct, with no processing in each case?

If not, then don't torture yourself over this. smile.gif
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is that not what pure direct is? oh and yes I can hear a big difference using pure direct with my cd-600 over 2 channel stereo, at least on my 773.
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