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$150 5.1 Home Theater System for PC and Xbox 360

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Hello everyone,

I am interested in buying a home theater system for use with my PC and Xbox 360. I have my PC and Xbox 360 hooked up to my monitor and only need to use the theater system for audio purposes, so I would just use optical cables to hook my PC and Xbox 360 into the receiver.

Like many others, this will be the first system I am purchasing as I have been using Creative Inspire 6.1 PC speakers for the past 10 years I figure I can't really go wrong. Ideally, I would like to get the system for under $150 and used or refurbished systems are fine. I have looked locally and managed to find a couple systems within my budget, which I will list below.

Ultimately, like everyone else, I would like the best performance for the price, and durable of course . The size of the room I will be using the system in is fairly small, about 12' x 12'. This is just an intro set to hold me over for 1-2 years. I would also like an active subwoofer, and I am also willing to buy online if I find a better one under $150. I found a few online through Amazon, but some were passive subs and others weren't getting great reviews. I've done a bit of research, but I can't seem to pick one.

The three that I have found used locally under $150 are:

Yamaha YHT-391BL (waiting on reply to confirm this is the set)
Panasonic SA-HT690
Panasonic SC-XH150
Panasonic SA-HE70 receiver and same subwoofer that came with the reciver and JVC speakers (waiting on reply to see what the model is of the speakers)

Any help in making a decision would be greatly appreciated. Again, I am not limited to local purchase only so if you have any other suggestions I am open to them. Please let me know if you need more information, and thanks for taking the time to read this.
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I thought I would just update this post in case it may help someone else. I purchased the Insignia NS-HT511-A home theater system for $189.99 used. I read that the internal electronics are actually Onkyo, but it is branded as Insignia. They sound great so far and feel solid. I went out of my budget a bit, but it seems to be worth it. However, I have nothing else to really compare it to though. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.
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I think this is probably the best you could have done with such a budget! Well Done Sir!
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