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Hi folks,
I am new to the forum and just want to see what you all might have to say. Like many other people I am thinking about cutting the cord. In my case it is Dish Network. $90 a month mainly for Lifetime and Lifetime movies is ridiculous. I defiantly have to have a PVR and after spending some time on the net it seems to me unless you are with a “company”, a currant, supported PVR is about extent unless you live oversees. Is that the case? Is building an HTPC about the only option for us US citizens or am I missing something? I am also looking into a streaming device similar to Hulu and would also appreciate comments of the better HD (1080P) with new sound codecs and HDMI devices that are available. For now I do not need a lot of detailed information rather some insight and direction. I would like OTA capability as well as streaming and can record either.
Thanks much, Mike
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Hi Mike,

I went through this search a couple of years ago. There are many ways to go if you are using a Home Theater PC (HTPC), or do most of your viewing on computers or otherwise somehow on the internet. If what you want is a piece of home theater equipment that is basically plug and play via HDMI, I found only two options:

1) The Channel Master CM-7000PAL. Readily available from Amazon and other retailers, a bit pricey for what you get IMHO. Upside is it does exactly what you want, which is basically the same functionality that VCRs had but for broadcast HDTV. Downside is it has a fairly clunky interface, and according to some has spotty reliability (I've been using mine for 2 years and have had no problems so far).

2) Tivo. Upside is the user experience - nice interface, and the system is "smart" in the sense that it knows you mean to record specific programming, not time slots. If your show is delayed 10 minutes because the baseball game on previously ran long, Tivo is usually smart enough to pick that up. The Channel Master is just dumb clock, recording Channel 7 at 8:00pm for 2 hours. Downside to Tivo is in addition to the cost of the box, there is a monthly fee.

The Tivo will stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandara, etc. The Channel Master does not, although you could always pick up a cheap Roku or an Apple TV for all your streaming needs.
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