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do i really need an NVR??

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hi. i have 9 poe cameras for my small business. after researching recording options i came upon NVR's (network video recorders). they are really costly, require additional cost for camera licenses, and are only compatible with certain cameras. so, i'm wondering if this is the only solution?

i need to be able to record my surveillance footage and be able to access from anywhere.

can i just use a pc/mac to control the video recording software that came with the cameras and send the data to a NAS instead?

Please advise available options.
thanks in advance!
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Hi Enzo,

What do you mean by "really costly"? Hundreds? Thousands?

There is software in the Synology NAS called "Surveillance Station". The software is free, but you do need camera licenses. The license for the first camera is free, but additional licenses were $50, last I looked. It's been a couple of years since I looked.

I put together a complete remote surveillance system with a Synology and some cameras and other parts. Here is the spreadsheet that I used to price everything. Just enter the number of cameras, and it gives you the total, although outdated, price. You can edit the prices and see if it is less costly than a NVR. Internet Surveillance System.xls 17k .xls file

EDIT: Since you already have your cameras, when working with the speadsheet, do not put 0 for the number of cameras. Put 9, but set the price per camera to zero. Otherwise, the spreadsheet won't count the cost of the camera licenses.
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pc w/ blue irus software($50.00). Done!
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thanks all for the replies...

@markhotchkiss - $thousands. your spreadsheet worked great... I was able to compare cost of different options. NVR seems like the way to go if you want networking capabilities without too much hassle. one of my major issues with this approach is finding affordable poe cameras that are compatible with the NVR...I was able to find an NVR that doesn't require extra camera license cost - d-link dnr-326. only catch is camera compatibility. but I'll keep researching a low cost bundle.

@techphil - with your suggestion-would I need to keep the pc on 24/7? also, how would I record with this option?

thanks again!
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