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Submersive and PSA XS 30

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I’m updating my 10+ year old system.

I’ve researched subs and have tentatively settled on the XS 30. My problem now is that I’m contemplating a Seaton Submersive HP. I’m thinking either one would get me to preferred listening levels while watching movies (40/60 movies to music).

I want to err on the side of a better/nuanced sound.

The living room space is around 2,200 cubic feet with a 14x20x8 with a hallway leading out of it. I’ve got an Aperion Verus Grand setup run by a UMC-200 and an XPR-5. Tomorrow I’ll install a bunch of GIK treatments aimed at tightening up the base: tri-traps floor to ceiling in 3 corners and 3 monster bass traps. Another big thing is that there are only one or two listening positions that I care about on a couch.

I know that there are a few out there recently that have made similar decisions. My SVS cylinder is going to be retired/sold (Tom helped me out back then). I hope my next subwoofer will last 10+ years, but I don’t want to think ‘what if.’


Thanks in advance!

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The Submersive costs twice what a XS30 does, so they aren't really the same. If you can only have one, yes, get the Submersive, but two XS30s bring multiple sub benefits which may be preferable.
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Sound Quality = Submersive
(Maybe) More headroom and a smoother response = XS30 x 2

I've heard them both in my room and (sorry to say, Tom) the Submersive is on another level in sound quality.

Obviously, as Shady stated, the prices are very different. Unless you're dead set on a dual-opposed design, maybe you should be comparing some other options to the Submersive. Or maybe you don't want to spend that much and the price of an XS30 is more to your liking. Then perhaps compare the XS30 with Rythmik's F25???

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How did the XS-30 sound?
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The XS30 was great, but my room layout has a lot of "leaks" - it basically opens to the entire rest of the house, and while I didn't necessarily need anything more than the XS30, I wanted the headroom and a cleaner sound because I'm very picky and didn't want to be left wondering, "what if". The characteristics of the XS30 were similar to the SubM, but in my opinion, the XS30 was a bit "weightier" and had a more "bold" sound where the SubM is extremely crisp and clean and until I got used to the difference, I actually preferred the XS30 sound over the SubM (for movies). Both have plenty of output, but the SubM with it's beefier drivers and amp easily outclasses the XS30 (as it should, given the price difference).
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Yeah as much as I love my XS30's, its just not a fair fight to compare a single XS30 to a single SubMersive HP. I haven't even heard a Sub HP in person but I can tell you my XS30 does seem to sound really nice while occasionally using it to listen to music. Truthfully though I did buy them for my theater room which is used almost 100% for movies.

I would suspect that two XS30's would have more output over a single SubMersive HP but I can't really comment on how the two would differ in sound quality.
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Thanks for the responce, i have Dual Epik Empires at the moment, but i want to get a XS-30, then another one later, my room is sealed and only 15x13x8.
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Thanks for all of your comments. Subs have come a long ways in terms of output and price in the last ten years.

I'm sure that a single XS-30 would give plenty of output, and an Sub-M over kill regarding SPL's. But I'm interested in the quality of sound. It is hard for me to wrap my head around that, giving that sound quality is a little tougher to distinguish in the bottom octave or two. That is part of my reasoning for comparing a great sub, the XS-30, to a spectacular sub, the Sub-M. And I have to rely on the forums for feedback since I can't run out and listen to these bad boys. So thanks again.

On a side note, I just installed a whole lot of GIK tri and monster traps. I've only listened to one CD, but wow, great improvement.
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You've really answered your own question.

If you are primarily interested in SQ above all else and can swing for a SubMersive HP, there probably isn't much else to discuss.
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