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New klipsch quintet series 5 concern

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Hey guys, long time lurker here. I've read a lot here but this is my first time posting. I just got some new quintet speakers and I noticed that one of them woul distort at high frequencies. I was able to tell when a xylophone sound came up. I thought it was a bad speaker connection so I reconnected both the av side and the speaker side.

After that the distortion still came up during high frequency parts of movies and songs. I ended up taking off the grill and I noticed that the sound came from the little woofer driver that it has. I pushed it in a little and the distortion has since stopped. I don't know if the distortion will come back or if I already fixed it. I'm thinking about calling klipsch up and telling them about it. What would you do?

Thanks, I appreciate it and I'm looking forward to being a more active member of these forums.
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Hello mitch619 you should tell klipsch technicians about it, or from where you bought it. because if one of the satellite woofer has problem producing sound accurately then you should replace with new one if problem persist. it's better you should tell them about it. how much you hv spent on quintet and howz the performance in movies as well as music??
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Hey man,

I'm gonna take it to best buy so they could give me a new set. I've only had them for 5 days. I think they sound pretty damn good for what they are. The tweeter is really the star of the show. I like how movies sound. Music sounds a little unbalanced though. I guess it's my subwoofer that sucks. I got a cheap pioneer 8". I'm also gonna return that for a polk 10" woofer. I think wit will help my system overall.

My wife won't let me buy bigger speakers for our room so I'm stuck with these.
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Mitch how much you spent on quintet? and which polk sub you are going to buy for quintet??
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I bought them for 350 and I'm thinking of getting the polk psw110
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