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Info on this projector

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elsewhere in this blogg avs forum theres a write up about a projector someone found.a projection systems,Inc cv 3 video projector.i saw this projector in a movie and live at a bar,south of milwaukee wisconsin.did anyone see superman the movie chris reeve?if so please note that lex(gene hackman)luthor is watching this projectors image on a 10 foot screen.live at a bar in wisconsin i watch a baseball game world series 1980 on this projector image 10 foot.when working correctly sort merged high def of almost a thousand lines color progessive image.or 1575 lines interlaced x 3.this predates 720 progresive plasma image.too whom ever is repairing this unit get a 720 p plasma as picture compare,better image results artist wise.
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That's gotta be about the most painful post I've ever tried to read here on avs what exactly are you trying to say the runon sentence kinda threwme bigtime.I think.
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there are comas and periods but glitches happened.tittle should read.info on this projector.thats all
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trying to say,anyone see this projector the 3 cv projector,found in avs.several images of a 3 tube 3 lense,schmidt system.telescope in reverse.in that superman movie.also i saw this projector at a bar,in south milwaukee wisconsin,watching the world series.
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Maybe try writing in your native language and we can just use google to translate it, since no one here seems to understand you.
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Novabeam Model One is your answer.
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