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Power strip finding ground through antenna?

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I've got an electrical question that I can't seem to find any guidance or answers on.

My house is run with ungrounded 2-wire circuits. There is an 8 or 6 gauge wire running from my water well casing up through the attic and down to my electrical panel ground bus, but no circuit has a wire connected to it. The meter box grounds to a wire outside, but this is not otherwise bonded to the rest of the house. I'm slowly replacing the first outlets on the circuits with GFCI since properly re-wiring the house isn't an option.

I have an antenna in my attic that through a splitter runs 2 direct lines to the living room (radio and OTA) and a line to a distribution panel for the rest of the house. The antenna leads were building up static and shocking me anytime I touched the connectors or connected equipment, so I grounded the splitter at the antenna to the wire that runs to the well. Now I'm finding any power strip that has equipment hooked up to the antenna (TVs in particular) is showing a ground connection (and no ground when the antenna wire is disconnected). Outlet tester says the same, so I'm assuming ground is in fact being found through the antenna's ground connection.

I'm confused on what to do about this. GFCI's are allowing me to upgrade 2-prong outlets to 3-prong without a ground wire present, but I also need to ground the antenna: I've lost an AVR in this house before due to the (previously) ungrounded antenna, and would rather not lose pricey TV's due to a ground-finding issue like this.

Assuming each circuit had a GFCI outlet installed first in line, could I run a ground wire from each GFCI back to the panel ground bus (thinking NEC says no)? This would provide a proper ground for those particular outlets (if not to proper code), but what of the downstream outlets with no ground wires?
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NEC has provisions for adding an equipment grounding conductor to an ungrounded receptacle. See the note at the bottom of this page. I don't think the rules have changed significantly since then, but check whatever version of the code is in force in your area. Doing what you are considering won't do anything for the receptacles downstream of the GFCI.
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Reading that, it looks like I can bond the ground bus to the neutral in the breaker box... That's okay to do? The outlet that has my one TV on it is the first in the circuit, and the more I look at the wiring in the house, looks like it would be relatively easy to pull a new grounded romex cable from the box to.
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The main bonding jumper should be installed at the first overcurrent device after the service entrance. If this is not present, overcurrent devices may not function at all. (Fire hazard)
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