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recommend me a remote control

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I am currently using the PHILIPS SRP5107WM and i really like it. I want something that looks the closest possible like this remote (picture included at the end of the post)

The reason why i'm upgrading: with my old onkyo receiver, the receiver turned off at the same time i closed my TV. But with my new 3313ci receiver, it doesn't do that frown.gif

So i need to find another universal remote control that can open/close two device at same time with the power button.

- I don't want a fancy LCD screen, activities and other features like that.

- My other requirement is that the "info" and "guide" button must be right next to the arrows and the OK button (like the remote i am currently using) because i use those buttons very often. So Logitech Harmony is not an option for me.

- Another very important thing, the remote must use AA or AAA batteries and NOT an integrated rechargeable battery. The reason is that i am using a special battery than converts infrared signal to RF so i can use my remote anywhere in the home.

I'd prefer a remote that is fully configurable with learning function so i can configure each buttons independantly. I will be using 3 devices in total but the 3rd device (my AVR) is used only with power button, volume control and hdmi input switching. So basically i just use 2 devices buttons on the remote (TV, and DVR which i use for my HTPC) When switching between TV and DVR buttons, the remote sends the IR to my receiver to switch the HDMI input. So in other words i don't need a dedicated device button for my receiver.

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RCA RCRP05BR. PC programmable with optional cable, full learning, unlimited macros, put any function or macro on any key, works with next gen, add every possible function for every possible device with codes or learning. $9 on amazon last time I checked, or $15-$20 at most local stores.

Realize that harmony can have any function on any key too. So you can just put those required functions on whatever keys you want. The label on the key is irrelevant.

Also realize that the "activities" you don't want are the same thing as the macros for turning multiple devices on and off that you do want. So your requirements are impossible to meet. As soon as you get a remote that can turn on/off multiple devices, you have macros, aka, activities.
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