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Audio files "skipping" in iTunes.

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I've already took a bit of heat for this but I can't ignore an obvious issue. Basically bought a brand new Mac mini. Quad core i7 2.3ghz with 4 gigs ram and 1tb hard drive. In the past I always bought from iTunes. But this time around since I have invested 8k into a nice home theater I figured I would buy the CDs and ripp in apple lossless. I bought 22cds and figured I would just buy a few here and there and build the collection. The first 2 albums had a couple of songs that skipped. Basically during playback the file cut out for a fraction of a second then came right back. But obviously creating an unpleasant listening experience. I deleted the albums and re ripped but then it occurred in a couple different songs. So it was inconsistent and wasn't particular to certain songs. The files were exactly the same during playback on my iPhone. Then I would have an entire album that was flawless. I have spent time in Mac forums in which they are convinced its a software issue. Further theory for this would be a guy in the definitive technology forum who stated,
"i have had the same issue on my itunes old/new cd's several different formats. sounds more of an apple issue but they will never admit it. Started about a year ago with an update."

"yeah everything was fine. I thought that it was my ipod. talked with apple they said it was and to buy a new one (i didn't cause it was random and figured i would ride it out) got home started listening to the same songs on itunes and it did the same thing. deleted them re-uploaded and it was fine. i still get the random "skipping" not necessarily on the same songs/albums. kind of aggravating when listening to headphones."

I have no idea. Any input would be great. But hold any degrading comments, I'm just looking to solve this issue as I like Apple products and always have. But this is certainly unacceptable for quality music experiences. Thanks!smile.gif
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These are similar scenarios...






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Successful update. I have been using XLD for encoding apple lossless. Everything works great!
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