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Dish Hopper HD DVD

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Is it good? Do they charge upfront fees?

I have old Vip 622 and it has problem now and also has small disk space. I want to replace it with a better one. Don't know if dish will allow me and if they will charge me fees. It really has problem with connections. Sometimes the TV found no signal from it even though every thing is hooked up properly.

p.s the title should be HD DVR can't edit that.
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I just went from a VIP 622 to a VIP 922 because I wanted the Sling feature and I only have one HDTV. By agreeing to stay with Dish for 24 months the receiver was free. I like the unit OK, but the interface takes some getting used to. I'm told the Hopper uses the same interface. It looks better than the 622's, but it's not very intuitive and does some odd things when you have a recording conflict that would take a while to explain. It has a 1 TB hard drive but you only have access to 500 GB as they use half off it for on-demand video. I am having some issues with my audio with this unit and my older Pioneer Elite VSX-82 receiver. If changing channels or skipping commercials, the audio randomly cuts out and I have to turn the receiver to another input then back to SAT and it comes on. Weird. I actually had a "tech" come out to look at it and of course they blamed my Pioneer even though it's been working perfectly with the 622 for years. After arguing a bit, he said he had another 922 in his truck and we hooked that one up and it did the exact same thing. Also went directly to HDTV via HDMI and optical out from TV to Pioneer and did the same thing (older HDTV doesn't have HDMI out). The only thing I haven't tried is taking HDMI totally out and using component.

But back to the Hopper. I was curious what it would cost to ditch the 922 for the Hopper. The non-slingloaded Hopper is $50 with a 24 month agreement and the slingloaded is $100. There is an "Advanced" DVR charge that's an extra $3 over the $7 DVR charge for the 622. If you have more than one TV (even if it's SD) you'll need to get a "Joey" for it. The Joeys are free, but it's an extra $7 per month on your bill.


The 622 and 922 are somewhat similar and the 922 has 2 HD satellite tuners and the TV2 out in SD. It comes with 2 remotes and the USB can be used to add an external hard drive for more storage. They dropped the "activation" fee for the external drive, so you could archive shows to multiple HDs if so desired. The 922 does not come with a built-in OTA tuner, however you can buy one for about $35 from a local installer and put it in yourself. The unit adds 2 OTA tuners where the 622 only has one OTA tuner.

The Hopper doesn't have an OTA tuner or the ability to add one as far as I can tell. It comes with 3 satellite tuners however, so that's not a big deal. And if you activate the "Primetime Anytime" feature, you can record all four networks at once, so you essentially have 6 tuners. though I think it only stores the primetime shows one day, so...
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You can buy a USB OTA tuner for the Hopper, it costs $30 and can be ordered from the store when you log in to Dish. You must have the Hopper before you can order, or even see, it in the store..... The Hopper is head and shoulders better than the 922.... PTAT lasts for 8 days and you have the option to keep a program longer...
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That's cool. I wonder if it's the same OTA module the 922 uses? I'm just trying to decide if my little audio issue is worth the $100 to upgrade to the slingloaded Hopper. And to convince the wife. So what's so much better about the Hopper vs. the 922? I only have one HDTV and don't plan on needing more. I hooked an external HD to it, so I have 2.5 TB of storage, more than I could possibly use. I have 4 tuners counting the OTA ones and I haven't noticed many conflicts. The user interface appears to be exactly the same. I of course don't have PTAT, but I'm recording more shows than I need already, so.... I did have a problem with the 922 when trying to record March Madness last night. I set it up to record 2 channels and for some reason it only recorded one, even though the DVR stated 2 were scheduled. And when I tried to change channels to the one where the 2nd was supposed to be recording I just got a blank screen. Had to reboot the unit to get out of it. Does the 922 have more glitches? Is that why you say it's head and shoulders better? My 622 was limited, but at least it worked most of the time.
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And I was misunderstanding what they said on Dish about PTAT. It said it will be available the next day. I took that as meaning you had to watch it the next day, but obviously that's not what they meant. And you can move the shows you like to your HD to keep them longer? That's cool. Can you have it automatically save certain shows to your HD or do you have to do it manually every time?
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PTAT is available, live, as it happens and saves for 8 days. Auto-Hop, the automatic commercial skipper is available the next day. Yes, you can move shows to your external HD but they must be moved manually. The Hopper and Hopper with Sling both have 2 TB HDs built in to them. If you change over, what you have on your EHD will be available to you on the Hopper as well.
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In another thread it mentioned the shows recorded and saved to a EHD using a 622, 722, or 922 can't be opened by the Hopper. So was that other thread incorrect? Just curious because that would be a major pain in the eek.gif
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And doesn't the 2TB hard drive on the Hopper only have 500GB that you can use? Heck, that's the same as my 922 has (1TB with 500GB available).
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The EHD attached to 622,722, and 922 will open on a Hopper. Only the 211s are incompatible. You have 1.5 TB of user space on the HD which includes PTAT...
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