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Front wall screen treatment

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Hi Folks,

I've been reading as much as I can about acoustics and sound control for home theaters in these fine forums. I've connected with Bpape and gotten some good advice about sidewalls and rear walls given my set up. I have changed a few things since I spoke with him and am wondering if you all might assist.

I have recently installed some in wall LCRs (Aperion 6-LCR) behind a DIY spandex screen. I'm building some acoustic panels for the side walls and rear. What I'm wondering about is the front/screen wall. I talked with Bpape about corner bass traps, but given the space between my screen and the side wall (12") we decided that there just wasn't enough room. So...what to do. My two ideas are as follows:

1) Do nothing. Add side and rear acoustic panels, but leave the screen wall alone.

2) Add 1 inch 703 or linacoustic to the entire wall (covering it with GOM). If I did this, I'm not sure how close to the in-walls I should get with the 703.

I've read as many threads as I could and I found opinions on either side so I guess I'm a bit confused at this point.

Any thoughts?

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...so if Bpape is providing advice, can you not ask him what to do about LF issues?
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Sure. I was hoping he might chime in here, but I was also interested in other opinions as well. Nothing against Brian's considerable expertise of course, I was just curious what others might have to say based on their experiences as well.
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