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Subwoofer enclosure Research project

Poll Results: WHat is your preffered subwoofer enclosure type?

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Hey guys,

Im new here and new to this field of sound so please be gentle.

As part of my final year of high school i must complete a research project of a topic of my choice. My topic is "What are the advantages and disadvantages of sealed and ported subwoofer enclosure". For me, this is enough, but for you this might be too general as i know that there are lots of different types of sealed enclosure and just as many ported so please be GENERAL in your reasoning such as "more spl", "better sq", "cheaper to make" etc...

Could you keep it in a good format such as:

Choice: (Sealed/ported)
Advantages: (list advantages)
disadvantages: (List disadvantages)
recommended situation: (home/car/theater/concert etc...)

also could you please answer the polls - thanks.

P.S. If anybody knows of any sources of information on subwoofer enclosures that a novice like me could understand - that would be great.

Thanks in advanced
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BTW, two statements made here are incorrect. They are, with respect to sealed enclosures:

The force serves a valuable function, however -- it acts like a spring to keep the driver in the right position. This makes for tighter, more precise sound production.

and with respect to vented enclosures:

The disadvantage is that there is no air pressure difference to spring the driver back into place, so the sound production is not as precise.

The air mass in a vented enclosure does apply restorative force, and if a sealed cab and vented cab have the same response, and they can, they will sound the same.
Even 'authoritative' sources can get it wrong. mad.gif

The main difference between sealed and vented enclosures is that drivers with a higher Q, roughly .4 and up, work better in sealed enclosures, drivers with a Q below .4 work better in vented enclosures. A knowledgeable designer chooses the combination of enclosure alignment and driver based on what the end goals are.
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