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Yamaha RX-V673 and options

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I don't really miss my AVR520 from Harmon Kardon. They've taken a steep dive off the quality cliff in my opinion.
One item I DO miss however is the ability to match any video throughput to any audio input.

Therefore if I were to pass s-video from my dvd output to the TV and then wanted to hear COAX1 or Optical 2, it allowed me to do a mix and match....

It seems Yamaha does not desire this feature?

Please correct me if I am wrong but I am not able to do this?

What I can come close to doing is pick LIMITED sources.

For example:

I have a PS3 on HDMI 3
I have airplay working fine.

If I am playing a PS3 game but want to have my ipod's music in the back ground, it seems it's one or the other...

I can hear the music but then it stops showing me the hdmi3 video output and goes to its internal background image of the piano.
Why MUST I watch airplay? Especially when it's sound only. Why can't I watch my cable box hockey game on hdmi1 and then listen to something else source wise?

Anyone know if this is at all possible?

I can match HDMI3 video to AV1-6 audio but those are worthless to me.
Essentially I could do hdmi3 vid and hdmi 5 audio (appletv) and use it that way but I can't do that either it seems.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance from anyone contributing.
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You're not missing anything--that's just how it works with Airplay. And you're not the first person who wants to play games while listening to music; it makes sense. If you really want to do it, you'll have to run the iPod into one of the analog audio inputs with a Y-cable.
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Thanks. Yeah I was afraid of that. When I was at the store buying this thing I was thinking.. I really liked the design of my hardon but they are simply junk now. the last Yamaha I had was SOLID (was an old analog I bought in 1996) and I wanted quality this time... I can live with with the degredation
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