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setting crossover

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Hi: I Have a pioneer head unit with a hpf control. I have pioneer component speakers in the front 6 3/4" mids and tweets that are connected to their own external crossovers installed in the doors. . In the rear doors i have pioneer 6 3/4" full range. All the speakers are powered by a pioneer amp that is rated at 100w rms x 4 @ 4 ohms. The amp has hpf and Lpf settings for all 4 channels. Channel A for the front and Channel B for the rear. Do i want to use the Hpf on the head unit or should i use the Hpf on the amp? Or should i use them both. I am having trouble setting the gains on the amp as well as where to set the crossover frequency for the front and rear to get the best possible surround sound. The headunit has 4v preout. I want to have the kick from the rear speakers. And from the front I just want mids and tweets, not really so much kick. But i do want some lower midrange from front speakers. Please help.
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How many RCA outputs on your head unit?

I have an Alpine with 6 rca outs (1 for front, 1 for rear, 1 for sub) and I use the HPF and LPF on my Alpine and I bypass all other filters on the amps. The front and rear speakers do not handle any bass below 80 hz.
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You'll be better off posting this in the Car Audio sub-forum:

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