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While iView says 500GB max HDD size, myself and many others have tested with good success larger drives, my day in day out drive is a cheap Hitachi 1TB USB3 tiny portable drive and I never really have issues. I too was intrigued by the SSD drives and thought because they have no moving parts that they should last forever, I was quickly told otherwise. Apparently SSDs aren't all that good for applications that rewrite a lot, they actually wear out from continual rewrites and are much better for applications where you write but don't tend to rewrite.

It may work for a while but I guess they can wear out, which is the exact opposite of what one would think, I'd think because they don't have a spinning motor that they may last a lifetime, apparently thats not correct. Wow 1TB! I had no idea SSDs were getting that big, last I checked 320GB was about as large as they got and even those were spendy at close to $1/GB.

If I were you I'd look for one of the cheap Hitachi portable drives like I have, mine was <$50 with coupon at Office Max and again seems to be working just fine and sits next to the iView very well. It has a blue light that is lite when the iView is on and flickers when recording or playing back. Good luck :)