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Canon Vixia HF G20

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My first introduction to video "camcorders" was the GoPro Hero 2. I needed a camera that I could mount to my mountain bike, jetski's...etc, to capture all the action. I have done all my editing with WLMM and now have a taste for "filming and editing" as a hobby.
I recently ordered and received the Panasonic HC X900M and the Canon Vixia HF G20. I have had the X900 about 2 weeks and so far I have no complaints. I just got the G20 in yesterday.
The G20 seems much more "complicated" in the menu settings than the x900 and the manual ring is a bitter stiffer than the ring on the x900. I have not really had a chance to use the G20 yet. However, I love the feel of the G20 (feels more solid) over the X900. My biggest concern is the no 60p with the G20. I love shooting video outdoors such as wildlife, sporting events, family events and parties...many times in low light situations. I will also be filming indoors with Green screen. In editing I enjoy making slow-mo clips.
Would the no 60p in the G20 be a deal breaker over the X900.I want a camcorder that offers the most functionality that I can grow into as my skills grow.
If you were in my position and you had to keep only one, which would it be...G20 or X900?? Help a newbie out.
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Try the G20 out to see how the overall video quality compares to the X900. Maybe you'd find the overall video quality of the G20 suits you're tastes better to the extent that you'd be willing the sacrifice the lack of 60p.
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The X900M will be better for action, because of the 1080p60 slow motion. The X900M will be better for well-lit scenes (greater measured resolution than the G20). The G20 will be better for low light. They're arguably the top two consumer camcorders at the moment, so you can't go wrong with either.
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For what its worth i have a X10 which will give pretty much the sma video as the G20,my XA has the same measured resoution as my GH2 camera known for its sharp video
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Camcorderinfo measured the X900M at 1000x950 and the G20 at 850x650. The unhacked GH2 is circa 800x700.
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The hack on the GH2 does not give it more resolution but thats another story,for me colour reproduction and good low light are more important than a few lines,unless its the difference between cameras like the FZ150 and GH2 which is vastly different.
Having used all the cameras mentioned it confirms my fealing of camcorderinfo.com
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