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Amp advice for 6 SI 18" sealed flat pack build

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Hi guys, I am a long time reader, but post very little. I built a dedicated room when we built our house about 4-5 years ago. It is 17X21" sealed room with a false wall and stage. I am running Rocket 850 speakers and one MFW 15 with the Turbo upgrade done to it. Lately the DIY bug has bit me and I ordered 4 of Eric's Flat packs and 4 (4 ohm) SI 18's, but while I wait for the second batch of SI 's to show up I decided to order 2 more flat pack kits and 2 more SI's.......(go figure, like going from 1 15" to 4 18" wasn't enough). Anyways I recently bought the omnimic and have begun playing with it with my current sub, but im sure it will prove much more useful trying to set up six different boxes. Anyways, what amp recommendations would you guys have for 6 SI's with 4 ohm DVC? I have two dedicated 20 amp circuits up there now.
thanks for any help!
Chris Bucci
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oops, i forgot to ask about placement. Currently the mfw15 is behind the screen on one side not far from the center channel. Screen is not AT, but all the other panels are. I was thinking about doing 2 on each side of the screen like shown with the 2 above on the rt side of the screen and doing 2 more on the back wall behind the seating. Or maybe with 4 across the bottom of the screen with 2 laying down on each side of the center speaker. What do you guys think. I will attach a few more pics.
Thanks again,
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So all SI 18's are dual 4ohm, correct? Wire each driver in series for an 8ohm load each. Wire three in parallel for a roughly 2-3ohm load. Buy yourself a Cerwin Vega CV5000 and hook up each triple driver set to one channel of the CV amp.

Easy. wink.gif

I'd load up all six up front.

For more, read up on this thread which is very similar. smile.gif

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scott's suggestion is good. 3 drivers wired for 8 ohms per driver and then paralleled per channel of the cv5000 net out to 2.67 ohms nominal per channel, which is good.

another route would be if the behringer amps go on sale again to get three of those. in that case, wire each driver in parallel for 2 ohms per driver and hook one driver to each channel of an ep4000. the inuke 3000 may be another option for 2 ohms per channel and they are available with dsp. have to keep an eye on how much power your putting to the drivers with either of these scenarios though.

placement will kind of depend on experimentation. it is pretty tough to predict sound in a room because there are so many intereacting variables.
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Thanks for the help guys... I was thinking the CV5000 before I got the 2 more, but it sounds like the 5000 will be enough for the six and I see the other build with 8 is going to use the CV5000 so I guess that works. Thanks again.
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