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Soffit has HVAC trunk - where to put light cans?

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My house is being built and due to circumstances beyond my control, the main HVAC trunk has to go down one wall of the theater. It is an 8" X 14" duct and my soffit design called for 10" X 20" with tray ceiling and rope lights. Well, that will work fine, but with a duct taking up the soffit, my light cans will not work. The opposite wall, the front, and the back soffit are free and clear for light cans.

My room will pretty much be a batcave, black walls and ceiling, dark grey pattern and black carpet, some stainless steel sconces. 17' X 25' dimensions.

My thoughts were to put cans in the rear and the front soffits, to frame the screen and illuminate the back row bar area.

The sconces on the side should help, but I am thinking I need to get a couple of cans in here somewhere to be able to illuminate a place this big for when you need it. The only way to put cans in this HVAC soffit would be to go at the inside edge or make the soffit wider. Doesn't seem reasonable. I thought about low voltage pucks but I doubt they will do any more than be decorative.

Any ideas?
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these will fit, the Bacon Race theater is lit entirely with these lights in the soffit.


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They will work on 3/4 soffits, but they won't fit in the soffit that carries the HVAC because duct takes up the entire soffit.
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By my calculation you have 6 inches at the edge.
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You may want to look at all the new LED recessed lights. A quick google search will give you lots of options. Here are some examples:



Note, I had a similar situation where my room had a single soffit. I just boxed it out to balance the room and used LED downlights.
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Like Big suggested--it doesn't take much room to squeeze the 3" cans in.

Here's what I have done:

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Thanks everyone.

So the consensus is, better to mount them at the inside edge (nearest the center of the room) of the soffit, than not at all? It would look a bit odd, but it would work. I was thinking if I can find one that has a swivel light head I can angle it towards wall a bit to keep the cool wall shadow thing going.
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I had a similar situation and didnt want to make my soffits any bigger. I ended up going with low voltage puck lights. I got a magnetic transformer so I could use them with my grafik eye. I have 10 of them around the perimeter of the room with three 3" cans over the stage. I don't think the room feels too dark or anything when they are on.
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The location is less than ideal; however, it was the only place I could fit them and maintain symmetry. I think when the columns and light tray are in it'll look good--and for $10 a piece they are the gimbal type. For me, I decided the wall wash effect was better than sconces or recessed lights installed through the bunker--only five of the fifteen lights planned require backer boxes.
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I had the same issue.. ductwork squeezed in one side, and DWV/water/gas occupying the other soffit. I built cross-soffits™:


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