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Seatcraft - Any reviews?

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I am currently looking at purchasing a pair of Seatcraft Grenada seats. Does anyone have any information on Seatcraft or the Grenada in particular? Here's a link for a dealer selling them...
I have not been able to sit in them and am dubious about the blind purchase, however the price is right and they look better than what what I have been looking at purchasing locally.

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I just ordered a couple of rows of these (blind). When I get them (probably in the next couple of weeks - should ship Tuesday), I'll let you know how they are.
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I just picked up a used set of Seatcraft Argonauts. I don't really have anything to compare them to, but I can tell you that I am not disappointed in them in any way.
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Originally Posted by James Sponaugle View Post

I just ordered a couple of rows of these (blind). When I get them (probably in the next couple of weeks - should ship Tuesday), I'll let you know how they are.

Same boat too, the motorized Capellas are identical to the Jaymar 262 and Bass Celebrity for a lot more less.

2 rows of 3 each beige straight perfect match to my beige carpet/mahogany room. We'll see, keep our fingers crossed the bulk shippers don't ruin the experience. Don't let driver leave until you inspect!

Gosh, my hometown furniture store is already struggling:(
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OK, voila:

Made in a village:

Upon opening a box I was pleasantly surprised to see the excellent quality of the the leather and the craftsmanship in the retractable cupholder. Finishes are just perfect, I believe those villagers really put their heart into the job.

Can't wait to assemble the riser with integrated power, so my S4 can get back inside.

So far the furniture direct experience was perfect, the delivery guy was awesome, let me open and inspect everything before signing.
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Any pictures of these? Thoughts? Interested in these seats as well....
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Packaging was exemplary and redundant.900lb of furniture, I carried everything alone 39 steps to the batcave with a Cosco alu dolly and a tow rope:(

Two bases had factory repairs, where the machine did not nail the midpiece someone redundantly double-braced
each side using metal pieces, very sturdy. I immediately mounted the transformers onto the base right on the piece has velcro on
bottom for the covers. They have no visible defects, and look and feel terrific!!!

Finally S4 is back in the garage:)
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Trademark Poker™ Cup Holder for 10-21FOLD and 10-21TABLE

Got them today, 3.25" wide into the 3.3" holes with nubbies sticking out making them fit the Capella cupholders snugly, protecting the wood veneer well.

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A quick picture from my phone. Ignore the purple couch. Eventually, we will get a matching set of loveseats like the ones in the front. I think they look awesome.

These just came in yesterday.

I purchased these from theaterseat online.
They are SeatCraft Executive Series Nemesis. All bonded leather...all power. You can pick material type and color for these. They are completely custom made here in the USA.

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