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Reccomend an upgrade please

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I currently use an Onkyo TX-SR707 receiver. I am moving soon and wish to change receivers for convenience. I will be using a small system in a Condo and don't need a ton of volume. The speakers will be Paradigm Titans and Atoms as well as a PDR-10 and CC-150. The center will probably get an upgrade soon as well. The television will be a 3d Panasonic plasma. What I would like to accomplish is 3d/passthrough of the HDMI so that I may have a single HDMI running from the receiver to the TV and can choose if I want to listen via the TV or receiver. Power requirements are small due to the condo living situation but the power of my current receiver is the benchmark I would like to hit or exceed. The local shop that deals in Marantz, Denon, Anthem, and used to do Rotel is pushing me in the direction of a Sony ES model STR-DA1800ES. My biggest concern there is most of the Sony products I have owned have been crap as far as reliability goes. Build quality has never seemed their strong suit. To be fair it is almost always products with lasers that have failed early. I appreciate being able to save whatever money I can but do not want to sacrifice sound quality. Being able to dock an ipod/iphone 4s is a must as well.

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From my understanding the Sony ES series is the "elite" lineup of their receivers. Furthermore, their newer receivers have been getting good reviews and the build quality should be excellent for an ES receiver.
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I've had ES stuff before...and I've had their regular stuff before. The ES gear, even with people I know, may not be the most feature rich solution...but reliable. The non ES tends to have lots of features that break. My 5700ES is showing up today...should be posting something in that thread soon enough. To me Sony has always been an odd duck. Their normal gear I won't touch. And usually their ES stuff is priced way too high. However, they are the only maker I know that on their "elite level" tends to have reasonable price breaks fairly often. Dunno.

One big point of modern receivers is to make sure you give them air. The high competition rate in the ~$1k and less arena can cause cost cutting in areas most people don't know until it is too late. Even a couple of undervolted PC fans blow across the top can make a HUGE difference in the receivers operating window.
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Well my receivers tend to have lots of room around them and sit on their own so heat isn't an issue till the cat decides to sleep on top of it. Sneaky bugger.

Leaning towards the Sony or another Onkyo. At least the ES has a 5 year warranty. Would be nice if Best Buy carried it because then I could get some points back off the purchase but oh well.
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