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Any alternatives to the SONOS CONNECT:AMP?

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My brother in law has six of these things in his house.

They seem very pricey at $499 each for 55W per channel with only two channels, although the Sonos app appears to work flawlessly and it's nice to be able to power and control different speakers in different rooms in your house with only one interface. The Sonos is also very small.

Right now I have a Denon 1912 powering a 5.1 system plus an extra two in-ceiling speakers in my kitchen on Zone 2. I also want to power two wired Polk Atrium outdoor speakers on my deck. My current solution is a $20 switcher box from Monoprice hooked up to Zone 2 on my 1912.

At $499 for the Sonos, it seems like I could get a lot more watts and features by just buying another entry level Denon AVR to power the deck speakers, if I wanted to play all speakers at once. But the Denon would of course be much bigger... And the Sonos APP seems better than the Denon APP.

So are there any alternatives to the SONOS CONNECT:AMP?
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Before building out our small WHA setup I went through different options and kept coming back to Sonos. In the end, it had by far the best usability which was pretty huge when convincing the wife the we needed to make a bunch of holes in the ceiling. The Sonos Amps are stable at 4 ohms so I used in wall speaker selectors (A/B, A+B) to pair up rooms where it made sense.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks! Yes the Sonos did seem to me to be extremely usable.
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I have a question.

If you have several SONOS CONNECT:AMP's set up to several sets of speakers is there a way to play the same exact thing in all or in multiple rooms (set up to different AMP's) at the same time?

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With a Sonos system you can play the same audio to all the Sonos components at the same time and control the volume to all of them with the master volume (Party Mode) In your brothers case, he can play the same song in each room or a different song in every area with a Sonos amp. Now if you want to save a bit of money and aren't concerned with having different audio being played at the same time in different rooms you could just get a Sonos connect unit(not the amp, $349) and a distributed audio amplifier, say one with 4 zones. You would then need to run wire to each of the rooms where you want to put speakers, and if you want individual volume control in each room, add in-line volume controls. If you can run the wire you'll end up with a multiple room audio system that still runs the Sonos software and can be controlled by your mobile device with their free app. Hope this helps!
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Whole house with perfect audio sync or each zone playing something different (and at different levels if desired) Sonos easily supports both.

I think a key element of the Sonos usability is minimizing controls needed outside of the app. I have some in wall speaker selectors that by design go largely unused. 1 controls the kitchen and adjoining dining room, we hardly ever use the dining room so it sits turned off. If we decide to use the dining room I push the button to turn it on. The rooms are open to each other and it wouldn't make sense to play different music (or different volumes) in them. Similar story with the master bedroom and bath but in this case they are both on.

Depending on how many zones you need Mike's solution can make financial sense or in some cases going with multiple Sonos Amps makes more sense. Consider cost to run wires, volume controls, amp, etc.

Another nice part of Sonos in general is that you can use a Play 3 or 5 to quickly add another room at relatively low cost and it's immediately integrated with the rest of the house.
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i just went thru this same dilemma in Jan when my 2 zone pioneer 1020k went belly up.
new 2 zone avr run 600 and up. i bought 2 harman kardon avr 1700 at bestbuy for 199 each.
i have 5.1 in the living room using one 1700 and a 2nd 1700 above it for use with the zone 2 on the porch and in my office.
i can play 2 separate sources or i pre-out to the 2nd amp and have the same music playing seamlessly in all rooms.

an alternative for zone 2 stereo is any cheap craigslist receiver. analog is all you need for 2 channel sound anyway biggrin.gif
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Thank you all for the suggestions and clarifications!
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