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Beginners Guide Anyone?

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Hi Guys

Total HT noob here. I was wondering if there was a good HT contruction guid for beginners anywhere on the interwebs? I know there is a wealth of knowledge here on the forums but its hard to collate it all into a list of things to consider when building a new dedicated HT room.

I dont have a project yet but i have read a lot of threads where people are planning for 2 years or more so i feel i will never know enough.I do want to build a "commercial" theatre style HT one day but want to try and get my knowledge up first.

One thing i do want to know is why not many people use PC's to control there HT? is it because the quality is not as good as a dedicated Blue ray player? if you run a PC though a reciever would that be sufficient?

The things i would like to be in this beginners guid would be standard room dimensions and shapes, normal bulding practises, sound treatments and any counter intuative sound treatments that are not so common knowledge to guys who have not been reading the forums for 10 years. what are staggered stud walls, and room inside a room, and those wall hanging things? what are the common set ups for sound? speakers behind the screen? in wall speakers? bass traps? sand under the stage? what is the minimum "level projector you could get away with, what specs are important? why sofits? top ten tips for sound?

I know there are a lot of questions but its just an idea of the questions im looking to be answered.

Thanks in advance

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From one noob to another - this is where I started:

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OK, here is everything you need to know to jump start your research (version 3.0)

In this forum when you are looking at the threads, left click the word views and you will get a list of the most viewed threads.

There you will find a dozen or so well documented build threads that you can read beginning to end.

you'll find

and more.

the fact that there are a lot of views means the thread was active a long time with lots of documentation and pictures.

Don't overlook Chinadogs photo album on Flikr were he has over 1000 pics of HT construction details. The link is in his thread.

My favorite pictorial reference is an old build by Kirk who did a DIY but professionally designed theater by Dennis Erskine. his photo documentation is here:


At the top of this section of the forum there is a sticky thread "master show me thread" be sure to check out those linked threads for ideas:


Also in the sticky threads is a riser height calculator that everyone should use to get a second opinion.

Next you can read everything you need to know about soundproofing from the library of articles on the website of The Soundproofingcompany. Yes they sell product but the background knowledge is right on target.


When it comes to projector issues your best bet is you hang out in the projector discussion threads. If you don't see your question answered ask a question. Read about the new projectors from Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Epson.

There are on-line projector calculators to help with determining the proper distance and setup.

sample interactive calculator: (click the icon for the projector calculator, bottom left)


That site also has a lot of background info on all the terms and issues you need to be aware of when selecting a projector.

When pulling out the checkbook: Don't buy chairs locally. We will hook you up with super deals from internet dealers who hang out on the forum all the time.
Give AVS a shout and let them compete for your dollar when you get ready to buy your gear.

One fellow AVS builder (CJO) summarized a lot of the resources/links he used in his thread this is a very impressive resource and should not be missed:

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I'd also suggest checking out some of the Oz theatres as they contain a lot of local knowledge. Peter (Elill) is an encyclopedia of local suppliers !

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Thanks guys, very informative.. Better start reading! I'm sure I will be back to ask more questions
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