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I am looking for the best quality OTA tuner with HDMI output.
My searches bring back the following:

Channel Master CM-7001
Channel Master CM-7000PAL (DVR)
Channel Master CM-7400 (DVR)


I'm not sure I need the DVR capability but I am considering it. It would need to be a smart
DVR that works off program names and not just start/end times.

I would also consider TiVo if I could use the OTA tuner part without paying a $20mo subscription.
I am guessing the TiVos are bricks if you don't pay the monthly fee.

Which unit will give me the best video quality? Or are they all the same when you use HDMI at 1080i?
If this is the case, the "Best" would depend on which one pulls in stations better, has a more
responsive remote, or a better UI. I have read that many OTA tuners have unresponsive remotes.

Thanks for the help..