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Denon HELP.... 2 speakers in one terminal(output jack) possible?

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OK... My husband is not here to help me word this so let me try my best to explain. I am currently running 2 infinity outside speakers on my deck for ZONE 2 (Im going to check wattage now but they prob have a 5" woofer) look like THIS.. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=7020267&SRCCODE=WEBGOOPA&cm_mmc_o=mH4CjC7BBTkwCjCV1-CjCE&gclid=CPTS0sbnqbYCFQZV4AodMzUA5w

Problem is our old denon 888 broke and we just got a new Denon 1913 and i have NO PRE-OUT for an amp, hence my ability to have only 2 ZONE 2 speakers on my deck. WE do not play crazy loud like the youngsters -just moderate levels. I bought 2 cheap rock speakers from monprice . I have a HUGE deck and yard with 40' pool so Id just like to add more speaker I can face out towards the pool. Im eventually going to buy a better receiver but its all l i can get now.
HERE is the rock speaker i just bought: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=109&cp_id=10904&cs_id=1090401&p_id=6966&seq=1&format=2

Next question...Can i run the rock speakers in the same speaker jack with the other speaker (output)?? I tried it and it works but i know it is a risk. Does this cute the impedence in half, making it equivalent to 4 ohm speaker in one output jack? If not playing at max volume can this be done??? Like i said I only want to use ONE rock speaker with the other 2 making it 4. Will the receiver overheat and shut down or will it just break if it cant handle it? Rock speaker is cheap and says 45W NOMINAL-100W max. what does that mean?
Is it based on total wattage of ALL speakers running or just that channel? Sorry to sound so confusing.

Thanks!! eek.gif

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If you don't need loud volumes? You really could do them in series and double the resistance and not worry about it at all.

If the manual states it's OK with 4 ohm, I would not worry about it.

You seem to have the basic understanding of it though.
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Your rock speaker has two sets of speaker terminals?

I am not that familure with them, but you should add speakers in pairs you know.
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At average volume levels (ie. background music), you should be fine with the existing configuration. However, if you want to play at louder volume levels (or just feel more secure about the Zone 2 configuration) you can add an impedance matching speaker selector to the Surr Back/Amp Assign terminals on the 1913 and then connect both sets of outdoor speakers to that speaker selector. The nominal/max volume levels of the speakers can largely be ignored as their average draw will generally be < 10W/CH.


Also for more assistance, there is a dedicated thread for Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's linked in my sig. Review posts #3-6 in that thread for more helpful information, especially on Zone 2 connections.
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