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Hey this is my first time posting and needless to say I'm really new to all this... We are developing our basement into a media room, planning to run a projector with fixed screen, cable, xbox and blue ray. We are huge NFL fans and will be watching football every Sunday on the projector screen as well as 2 65" Samsung UN65EH6000 tv's. Any advise or comments will be greatly appreciated!!!

Room Dimensions:s:
Size of (screen) wall: 14f length x 9f height
Length of room (wall to wall) 18f long

Target size of screen ~100-115 inch

What do you guys recommend in terms of hardware- projector and fixed screen (keeping in mind cable tv quality will be of highest importance). The basement is in the framing stage and we are thinking about 1 of the 3

1. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020e,
2. Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6020UB,
3. Epson PowerLite Home

Fixed Screen:
HELP??!!!- what brand/size?

We live in Canada but travel to the US frequently, any comments, suggestions, etc will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!!