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I formerly had a Delphi XpressRC SA10315 and really liked that it allowed up to 1 hour replay and I was able to save 10 songs on the receiver to listen to any time I want. I was also able to add alerts to songs and programs that I wanted to watch. Unfortunately it died on me and I was forced to try out a new receiver. The Lynx is a touch screen and does have a few new features that I like but it will not alert on specific songs, only programs. I am only able to replay for 30 minutes, and while I can save some content, it will only let me play them a certain amount of times and will only let me fast forward a few times for each channel I record from. I am wondering why they would downgrade the amount of content I am able to receive? It should get better with newer technology. Also, the Lynx looks more cheaply made than my older Delphi. Not happy.