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In many forums throughout the visible universe that I've frequented in, I've seen a particular engineering style of thinking that says something like "If there is a new subject showing up in a forum routinely and has a lot of following, it belongs in a forum of its own.

That way of thinking only seems sensible, when it truly is not. Where it becomes broken logic is that it improperly asks the question of Where is the best audience for question X and all of the issues that it is connected to.

In the USENET days, this was handled well with cross-posting. Cross-posting became the ire of unthinking pedants who didn't understand the issue, but the way it cleanly united cross-subjects was truly unparalleled.

Don't think that's possible here.

I got onto this because I was looking for a particular style of forum which would cover a multidiscipline set of issues. I was looking for general advice on simplifying the entirety of the DLNA-esque home environment, that was focused on HTPCs, Home Theatre, or any kind of component. Further I wanted the best way of uniting:
  • Cell phone interactions with pictures/movies/skype
  • TVs
  • Music
  • Storage of music/movies/pictures/etc
  • Dedicated kitchen "movie, email and skype" tablets on the wall
  • Et freaking Cetera...

....all connected in as seemless a DLNA fashion as possible.

People these days *want* to have a whatever sourced from wherever sent easily to wherever all with as little computer/phone click-click-click-click-click-remote-push-setup-plex and whatever craziness there is.

People are unifying everything in their homes, and I couldn't find an appropriate sub-forum, and the AVS folks are precisely the ones I'd want a dialog with about this. I'm betting I'm not alone.

However, I would really really want to include the TV and Audio experts in this! And they might not be interested in broad forums.

I see this as a fundamental breakdown of the forum model.